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Beautisol's Need I Glow More?

A Face Self-Tanner Made With You In Mind

Sinead Norenius


  • Founder of IFABBO - International Organization for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Editor and Queen Blogger at
  • Founder of Beautisol
  • Licensed aesthetician, celebrity spray tan artist and educator in the professional skin care industry for over 16 years
  • Contributor on, a leading platform that creates and curates the best content from across women's lifestyle and has been featured in various magazines and TV segments such as Good Morning America, CBS, ABC, Hollywood Life, Teen Vogue , and much more

"I have formulated the first ever and only skin-type-specific self tanners for your face that will address all of your skin concerns including dehydration, sensitivity, acne, oil and blemishes" – Sinead Norenius, beauty industry veteran, and The Self Tanning Queen


Here are some of Sinead's expert tips and tricks on self-tanning:

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Sinead's Tip
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Normal Dry Sensitive
Normal Oily Problematic

What is Need I Glow More? And why should you care?

Here's what you can expect from Need I Glow More?

  • Formulated for specific skin types
  • Acts as an everlasting foundation
  • Provides a natural tan that lasts for days
  • Packed with antioxidants to prevent signs of aging
  • Addresses all of your skin concerns including dehyration, sensitivity, acne, oil and blemishes
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What our customers are saying

"I probably have about 20 self-tanners, all from different companies. I am constantly looking for that perfect self-tanner – one that doesn't stink like crazy, that has a guide color so it's easy to apply, that doesn't go on all streaky, that dries fast, and that gives a natural looking color to my skin. Not too much to ask, right?? I like self-tanners with shimmer for the body, but for my face, I need something that doesn't break me out and that looks totally realistic. I love products that multi-task, and this one is genius. It's skin care – it helps absorb oil and prevent acne – and it's a self-tanner. I definitely loved the golden brown, natural looking color it gave me. It was just enough color to make me look healthy, not so much that people wondered if I had fallen asleep in a tanning bed. I was impressed!!!" –Lisa

"The face tanner for normal to dry skin is PHENOMENAL!!" –Molly

"...I prefer tanners that have a guide color, like this one, so you can see where you're putting the tanner. It's very light and washes off in the morning. The color is super-natural looking, and buildable so you can get a deeper tan if you use it more often..." –Jen

"...The one I tried was specifically for oily skin, called Need I Glow More? (Oily) for face. I love products that multi-task, and this one is genius. It's skin care – it helps absorb oil and prevent acne – and it's a self-tanner. The self-tanner has a guide color, so it's easy to see where it's been applied. I never ended up with streaks, and I loved the color. I went from white girl to golden brown girl over night!..." –Marcia

Choose your skin type to find the right self-tanner for you:

Normal Dry Sensitive
Normal Oily Problematic
for dry sensitive skin
for oily skin
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