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The Skinny on the Benefits of Tan Skin

...There are some very real reasons why self tanning lotion helps you look thinner. Remember those optical illusions where a black drawing looks smaller than a white drawing even when ... Read more

The Importance of Exfoliating Before Using Self Tanners

Exfoliation helps to slough off dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. Using an exfoliator will leave the skin smooth and even. This way any tanning product ... Read more

The Benefits of Sunless Tanning Products

You probably covet that bronzed beach god/goddess look, but if you are at all aware of the many possible consequences of exposure to UV radiation, you know that sunless tanning products are some of the safest options around. Let’s look at the many benefits of sunless tanners... Read more

The Best and Worst Celebrity Tans

...Those gorgeous celeb faces that stare at us out of billboards, magazine covers, websites and the TV screen have plenty of reasons for looking that good: tips and tricks of the trade, personal stylists... Read more

Tea in Tanning Products

...The DIY home tanner will typically use a tea tan to get a lovely, warm, natural skin tint. Even the top self tanner products now use tea as an ingredient for its natural coloration as well as health giving antioxidant properties... Read more

Cruelty Free Products – PETA Certified

...Cruelty free products are those that do not test on animals or use any animal products. The perception now is that safe self tanners are those that are ethically made and with due regard to animal rights. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is one organization that spreads information and raises awareness about animal... Read more

Tanning Problem Areas and How to Avoid Them

...Applying a sunless tanning lotion can require a bit of practice and you may need a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you. Many experts recommend using a damp makeup sponge in smooth circular motions to avoid streaks and blotches. Others find that mitts, or a sponge paint brush or fluffy rollers are what give them the best self... Read more

Fab Foods for the Skin

...Do you know the best way to get naturally healthy skin that glows with healthy color from within? Well researchers have found that a healthy diet of fresh produce including plenty of fruit and vegetables will do this naturally for you. This can be as effective as anti aging creams and tanning products, found a study conducted by scientists at... Read more

Male Celebrity Tanners

...Bradley Cooper was recently spotted at the occasion of the premier of the film Valentine Day with rather a strange half tan that seemed to scream face self tanners gone wrong. While the neck, ear and stubble area were remarkably pale, the rest of the face was about five shades more bronze.

Hugh Jackman may be the epitome of the rugged guy with his weathered looking face... Read more


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