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Body Self-Tanning Products

"As a beauty junkie, I feel I have a moral obligation to introduce you to the newest secret weapon in my beauty arsenal—Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Body Bronzer. If you've ever gotten dressed in a skirt or dress, then looked down at your legs to realize you need a little color, this will be your best friend! It's not a self-tanner, and it's not a shimmer cream—but it's the kind of product I've wanted for a long time. Tea Tan Glow is a wash-off body bronzer that delivers instant color, with temporary results. There's no waiting, no DHA, and no streaking. It's perfect for those days or nights when you need color, but don't want the fuss or commitment of a self-tanner!" Read more

"Summer Glow has erased all fears from my mind about self-tanning. This lotion is beyond amazing and so simple to use. This product spreads evenly on the skin and sets quickly. Even though the shade was a little scary at first, the end result was a gorgeous and perfect bronze!"

"I just applied Beautisol Summer Glow sunless tanner for the first time! It has no discernible scent. The guide color makes it very easy to apply and helped me to make sure that I didn't miss a spot! For a tanning newbie, this made it easy. What a great way to get a healthy glow!"

"There simply isn't any self tanner on the market like Beautisol Summer Glow! I love the fact that you get an instant bronze, so you can see where you've applied the product and where you still need to rub it in. That means it's foolproof -- no streaks! After a short while, the tanner develops and your skin is a wonderful, natural-looking deep tan without any trace of the dreaded "Snooki glow" (no orange). This is hands down my favorite self tanner on the market, and it's my go-to recommendation whenever any of my friends ask how I got my golden glow."

"This is hands down one of the best self tanners on the market. Not only is it cruelty free and vegan, but it gives you a natural gorgeous glow easily. There's no strange smell, no streaking, and no uneven spots. If you're going to tan at home, do yourself a favor and pick up Beautisol Summer Glow."

"For years I've used that little round netting ball with my body wash. You know the one, it's a few bucks at Target? It does a great job of creating lather (love me some lather), and it does a little mild exfoliating, but not much. Mostly it is just easy to replace and I love that it hangs up to dry out. I've just made a major (major) shower upgrade! This is the Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt from Beautisol, the self tanning brand that likes to sell out on HSN. If anyone knows the need for a little daily light exfoliation, it's a self tanning company! This baby costs $12, which is a lot compared to my $3.50 for a netting ball, but isn't much really. " Read more

"...The dead skin cells on your body are whisked away and your skin is left smooth and soft... Go Slough Yourself absolutely does the job of "sloughing" off dead skin cells quickly and easily... " Read more

"...It creates a very smooth even and seamless finish. It is very nice for blending lotion over tops of feet and hands... This mitt will work well to blend lotions onto skin, and create a more wearable finish... " Read more

"...I was able to apply self tanner to my entire body in less than 5 minutes. It went on evenly, smoothly, and didn't create streaks. I definitely found that my tanner applied better using the Self Tanner Applicator Mitt than without... " Read more

"...The mitt spreads the self-tanner so evenly and so quickly it was incredible. What normally would take me a half hour took me only 10 minutes... I always have such a hard time getting an even, streak-free application on my feet and ankles, and the Mitt gave me a perfect, even tan every single time... " Read more

"...I discovered Beautisol. And it just might be my holy grail of self-tanners... The first thing you'll notice is Beauitsol self-tanner smells great... the color is fabulous. Natural. Realistic. Golden without an orange hue... " Read more

"...The lotion has a very dark brown colorguide... This makes it very easy to see on the skin while applying... The product is scented, sort of a light soapy, floral scent. It dissipates quickly on the skin. The pump bottle makes product dispersion very easy... " Read more

"...Beautisol Summer Glow: Let this easy to apply (do it with their $6 washable & reusable Applicator Mitt, you won't regret it) summer glow last as long as you'd like... " Read more

"...My legs were nicely tanned and it looked so natural... I would recommend this item for anyone that wants a natural looking Glow... " Read more

"...This is a great product for everyone that wants that warm summer glow that you can get overnight... My legs were nicely tanned and it looked so natural... I would recommend this item for anyone that wants a natural looking Glow... " Read more

"...Beautisol Summer Glow Self-Tanning Lotion lets you go for the glow without looking like Snooki... " Read more

"...providing the most natural faux bronze and they can back up their ratings with rewards from big names like Good Housekeeping, Today, and quite a few satisfied customers... get full control of your tan... " Read more

"...One that I'm loving on me bod right now is BEAUTISOL's Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion. It really does look as realistic as it gets! I've applied some of this about 6 times now and it really blends nicely and lasts a few days... " Read more

"...We have found a self-tanner that gives us the sun-kissed bronze color we are looking for with Beautisol!... Summer Glow is a dark tanning lotion that will make any pale, pasty-white skin look tanned – just ask Lindsey-Belle!... The other amazing feature of Beautisol self-tanner: virtually no odor!..." Read more

"...The scent is light and appealing and it reminds me of a summery lemon scent that adds to the cleaning experience...Go Slough Yourself is a fantastic option because it is gentle, leaves skin feeling clean and soft... I am super impressed with the fact the brand is free from chemicals including parabens and SLS... " Read more

"...get that beautiful natural glow without sun damage... provides a nice light bronze sun kissed look... " Read more

"...I woke up with clean sheets, no streaks and an even "tan", without a hint of pumpkin [color]. Loving it!... " Read more

"...One of my personal new faves is on the splurge side, but the fake tan looks like I just stepped off the plane from Tahiti. Beautisol Self Tanning Lotion is to-die for! I'm not kidding either. The smell is rather fruity, instead of a fake self-tanner smell, and the results are mind boggling! I've tried dozens of self-tanners over the years, and ladies let me just say that this one is the all-time winner. But don't just take my word for it, try it out for yourself! Oh, did I mention that it also has anti-aging properties to it as well? Double score!..." Read more

"...Nothing says you've embraced summer like a sun-kissed glow, and we've got all the best DIY self-tanning tips to achieve it... Slough off the old skin first. If you prefer to use a body scrub, choose one formulated for use with self-tanners, like Beautisol Go Slough Yourself..." Read more

"...I woke up today feeling a little bit on the pale side and one word came to mind, Beautisol. I have been using the self-tanner, Beautisol for a couple of weeks now and it's THE best one... Beautisol instantly bronzes, is easy to apply and leaves no streaks on your body. This is the ultimate self-tanner and I'm hooked... " Read more

"...It provides an immediate bronzing effect and allows you to see exactly where you applied the product and where you missed... It is the best tan you ever had! I promise you!... " Read more

"...Beautisol was a BIG hit with my sister who wouldn't stop talking about now natural looking her results were during her entire visit, and she ended up leaving with my bottle... After seeing the results first hand, I stand behind Beautisol 100 percent. It doesn't have any hint of orange... " Read more

"...The first miraculous revelation about Beautisol is that the self-tanning body lotion comes in a pump bottle. Why has no one thought of this before?! The meted dispensing is incredibly helpful, and there is a handy-dandy little card that tells you exactly how many pumps to use for each area of the body, so I didn't feel like I was going to have one leg from Hawaii and one leg from Norway. The next thing I noticed was the smell; a lot of self-tanners claim to smell good, but Beautisol actually does..." Read more

"...The Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self-Tanning Lotion is superb. It has a color guide so you know exactly where you put it, and it's easy to make sure you have a streak-free application. It smells great, and the scent dissipates pretty quickly. It gives a wonderful, natural, amazingly believable tan..." Read more

"...Featured on various TV shows such as Kathie Lee and Hoda and Good Morning America. It's easy to see why Beautisol is a must-have "splurge" self tanner, and it's not only because of the natural fake tan the products give your skin. The Beautisol products work as a double-duty beauty aid, by packing you skin with antioxidants and various anti-aging ingredients..." Read more

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"...These subtle shades are the perfect way to slide into summer shorts without having to jump from pale white skin to deep bronzed... These self-tanners come in a pump bottle that smear on bronze, so you can make sure you're not missing any spots..." Read more

"...I've been on the search for the perfect self tanner still. Beautisol makes it very easy with their fast drying tanner that gives you a warm summer glow. (As the name states)... Gives an immediate bronzing effect so you look tan and gorgeous instantly... Provides a long-lasting, gorgeous, natural-looking dark tan..." Read more

"...Healthy-looking tan year-round without the sun... I loved how this self-tanner is pre-bronzed, so you can see exactly where you've already applied it, for no guesswork when it comes to even coverage. What I really loved was how my skin turned a very natural color brown... NO ORANGE WHATSOEVER!..." Read more

"...Nothing like any self tanner I have ever used. The deep dark gel color makes using it a no goof experience so spots are not missed. Pump applicator is my favorite hassle-free dispenser and the packaging is sleek... recommended for all skin colors and tones as it highlights and blends with your own skins pigment..." Read more

"...Beautisol hits the nail on the head, offering up an instant and appropriate tan without a strange smell..." Read more

"...What makes this so special? Well a few things. The biggest thing you'll notice is no nasty smell! You know the one – that chemical smell that you can detect on someone 15 feet away... This also does not turn you orange, but instead a nice warm brown shade... Non stinky, great color, skin-saving – what more could a pasty girl want?..." Read more

"...I can honestly tell you that the color I got with it was so much more natural than some of the other brands that I've tried. And it doesn't make your skin stink, either!..." Read more

"...One of the great things about this product is it contains a slight "guiding" tint during application, to help you see where you have spread the product and where you haven't. This makes it easier to avoid missed spots and splotchiness. The bronze color is subtle, yet noticeable almost right away..." Read more

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"...Summer Glow is a dark self-tanning lotion. When I read the word dark, I thought this wouldn't be a good idea for someone with my skin tone, which is pale, pale, pale. But once I tried it, it was love at first use. The color was rich, and natural, and definitely looked like a summer tan... All Seasons Glow is a medium self-tanning lotion. The tan it produced was definitely one that I could rock year 'round. It's dark enough that you have a tan appearance, but light enough that it wouldn't look odd in the middle of winter. It's gradual, so if the colors too light, then apply it again to deepen the tan..." Read more

"...Not only does this stuff not smell (no really, it DOES. NOT. SMELL!!) But it gives you the perfect tan color and has a fool proof bronzing shade which allows you to see where you're putting it on so it doesn't streak..." Read more

"...I also applied their All Seasons Glow body tanner, just to my arms and chest, and looked honest-to-God as though I'd been a little sun-kissed. Over the past week, I've walked around knowing that although I haven't been on any cruise, I look as though I've at least been outside for at least one gosh-darn second..." Read more

"...Bliss is in the air as wedding season commences and brides-to-be are clamoring to get the proper hairdo, makeup and a sizzling tan... The bonus aspect is these self-tanners are both dermatologist tested and approved... ideal for all ages..." Read more

"...I would totally recommend this product to anyone who wants to build up a natural looking glow, without looking fake and blotchy. This lotion totally changed my mind about tanning lotion and to boot, this pale girl is starting to look a little more alive!..." Read more

"...After using [All Seasons Glow, medium tanner] for 4 months now, I can honestly say this is my self-tanner. It may seem like a pain to order online but it is 100% worth it (and I rarely order online)... I really can't say enough about this product... After trying what felt like 80% of self-tanning products on the market, I am so glad I was able to try Beautisol's and now would endorse All Seasons Glow to anyone and everyone..." Read more

"...Pale vixens of the world, listen up. You'll want to get involved with this laundry-fresh scented self-tanner that yields a brown (never orange) BELIEVABLE glow by Beautisol. It's called All Seasons Glow, a gradual self-tanning lotion..." Read more

"...My first impression of this product blew me away. I am attracted to pretty, so pretty packaging really sells me. They also included product instructions heavily bound that were bright, glossy and easy to read. A DVD to help you along the way, [latex] gloves for application and starbursts to eat while you are waiting for your color to deepen! … [Latex] gloves! What a perfect addition to any self tanning product. No blackish orange hands for me after finishing! I have just started using Beautisol and already am loving it!..." Read more

"...Of course I'm going to encourage all of you to fake it (your tan, of course!). Remember the golden rule, always exfoliate first. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells, which will give you a more even glow. I recently discovered Beautisol self tanner and they have a shade called All Seasons Glow, which is a gradual to medium self tanning lotion that builds over time and looks very natural..." Read more

"...AOL Shopping Gifts of the Year: Get your girl glowing the healthy way with Beautisol's Gradual Tanning BeautiKit: All Seasons Glow. It comes with a back applicator, a pair of exfoliating gloves, an instructional DVD for a flawless application, disposable latex gloves and a pump guide - all the pieces she'll need to protect herself from UV rays while glowing like she's been sunning all winter long!..." Read more

"...I've discovered a wonderfully natural-looking self-tanning product to remedy the situation... Beautisol All Seasons Glow self-tanning lotion. It gives me that glow without looking orange, fake or streaky... a tan that looks healthy, natural, even... and hot. And as a bonus, it smells good too, unlike some of the other toxic smelling tanners that smell like they're actually burning your skin..." Read more

"...There is no orange result with Beautisol. It's a completely natural-looking deep brown tan that lasts about five days if taken care of properly. There's also no blending issues with the end result and it's easy to build up colour through re-application. A thorough and fabulous little Summer Glow pack that I'll be using again and again..." Read more

"...For a self tanner free from harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, I honestly thought Beautisol's Summer Glow sounded too good to be true until I gave it a whirl. The result: a beautiful bronzed summer tan that looks natural, lasts for days, and guarantees comments from both men and women! It is almost like a wonder product..." Read more

"...My newest favorite [sunless tanner] is Beautisol All Seasons Glow... The product's innovative fragrance technology manages to mask this off-putting smell with a pleasant scent that can be best described as fresh laundry... I have tested Beautisol's tanner on various sections of my body, each sporting a different degree of paleness. Somehow it managed to tint each area of skin exactly one shade darker, without looking too dramatic or even slightly radioactive... Xen-Tan Transform falls short of Beautisol on several counts..." Read more

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"...I do not have the time or the babysitter to give myself the luxury of a tanning salon or being poolside. However i still would love to have that sun kissed glow that so many women love. For that i would recommend the gradual tanner... I really loved that there was no harsh smell, was very easy to use and achieved what i wanted. I also loved the convenience and had fun applying it!..." Read more

"...Best of Summer: Beautisol All Seasons Glow – The genius behind Beautisol is their innovative [Pure Scent™] fragrance technology... I can personally verify that it's quite possibly the best smelling tanning product on the market, and it works! Way to go Beautisol!..." Read more

"...I tried their All Seasons Glow and it gave a real subtle wash of color to my skin. It's a gradual to medium color and the color is totally buildable over a couple of days. Now I'm not great at applying these, especially around the ankles and elbow and I usually end up getting a streaky finish with most of them. But with this one, nothing of the sort! I was quite delighted..." Read more

"...Hard to believe but there is a self tanner out there that actually smells good!... Perfect for all skin types – including pasty white and freckly redhead... They recommend applying with gloves, but my results were stellar while using bare hands. Just scrub em' like a potato afterwards..." Read more

"...Beautisol All Seasons Glow -- Why We Love It: Paraben free and packed with antioxidants, this bronzer will make your skin healthier – something the sun will never, ever do!..." Read more

"...I was pleasantly surprised – more like shocked, actually – at how close the self-tanning color was to my natural tan... Overall though I was really pleased with how it turned out! It seems to be lasting well, too – several days later I still don't see any signs of those white strap lines returning. The self-tanning BeautiKit also includes "Go Slough Yourself" exfoliant scrub, to prepare your skin for the self-tanner... I've been looking for a good exfoliant scrub for a while, and I was very excited to find one that worked so well!..." Read more

"...Deep down there is a girl inside me that wants to be tan. Beautisol gives you the deep summer glow that you want without the hassles and without that plastic smelling funk. [Pure Scent] technology ensures that you don't have any funny odor from your new tan...This is a great deal that gives you a beautiful summery look without any guilt!..." Read more

"...Summer is here and I am all about staying out of the skin damaging sun. Beautisol is a San Francisco based company that has created self-tanning products that offer a natural looking tan and they smell great! I tried the Summer Glow Dark Self Tanning Lotion on my face and it gave me a nice, natural and sun kissed look...." Read more

"...I can attest to the fact that even with my very light skin this product did not look orange and was perhaps the most natural artificial tan I have ever had. I really liked this product and will continue to use it..." Read more

"...While there are many and varied self-tanners out there in the market now, Beautisol All Seasons Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion stands out as one of the best ones I've used so far. For me, one of the best features of this lotion is the [Pure Scent] fragrance technology... so there's no longer that pungent and extremely tell-tale odor that gives away the fact that you're using a self-tanner. No one needs to know that your beautiful bronze glow isn't from the sun!..." Read more

"...With so many sunless tanning options available, it's hard to make a decision on how to achieve a faux glow. But Beautisol's self-tanners are one of the best options we've come across yet... We especially love the BeautiKits, which come with instructional DVDs to help ensure a natural looking tan. Preparing for a summer wedding? The company's carat sets are perfect for the bride-to-be..." Read more

"...The saucily named Go Slough Yourself Dual Action Scrub is one of the most thorough exfoliators we've ever encountered. That's largely because it makes sure to really rid skin of dead cells two ways: manually and chemically... The rest of this paraben-free recipe is packed with other healthy ingredients that further prep your skin for a gorgeous, golden glow..." Read more

"...The Summer Glow lotion from Beautisol won us over from the bat with the before & after photos on their website, full of pasty-to-bronze transformations that gave us hope. We started with Beautisol's Go Slough Yourself scrub (exfoliating is a must for even color), and then went to town. Our favorite feature? The lotion itself is dark, which gives you a hint of bronze right away and, more importantly, makes for a fool-proof, splotch-proof application..." Read more

"...Then I finally got my gloved hands on the long awaited debut of the top rated dark tanning lotion Summer Glow FROM BEAUTISOL - which also comes in All Seasons Glow for gradual to medium self-tanning. And let me tell you, I am a very, very happy ever-so-slightly-but-oh-so-naturally sun-kissed mama. HOORAY! It smoothed on without a hitch, smelling terrific along the way, developing slowly and the effect is a day hanging out in the sun in the Spring. It's not an over-the-top obviously fake tan. It looks really, well, REAL. I'm totally sold. LOVIN IT!..." Read more

"...A natural glow is all I asked for and that is just what I received. Easy to instructions in a DVD made the process doable for me. This product is for full body and face application. No need to buy separate face and body sunless lotions!..." Read more

"...Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] blew away all other self tanners I have tried. Dare I say it has created a self tanning monster? I was able to try out the All Seasons Glow Gradual Tanning System, and was immediately impressed with the comprehensive set of products and instructions. The kit is sunless tanning for dummies! The end result was a fantastically realistic tan, even on my ridiculously pale skin! I must also say that the website itself and the Self Tanning Queen beauty blog are amazing resources. I was so impressed with the care and time they put into making this process goof proof. Maybe this summer I will be a golden beach babe after all!..." Read more

"...What makes this self tanner different than all the others is it doesn't give you that unpleasant sunless tanner odor when the color is developing! Beautisol's innovative [Pure Scent] fragrance technology actually encapsulates the unpleasant processing odor by up to 80%. A dark guide color gives an immediate bronzing effect while allowing you to see exactly where you've applied the product so you can fix any signs of streaking right away. Your summer glow will, with Beautisol, be fortified with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to help nourish and hydrate the skin too!..." Read more

"...I loved the DVD! It is very helpful, especially for someone who has no experience tanning. The Self Tan Queen, Sinead Norenius, shows how to apply the tanning lotion onto every part of your body. The end result was an amazing tan. I looked kissed by the sun, odorless and it lasted a few days! ..." Read more

"...When Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] arrived - I was excited to try it - but also very, very skeptical. I used the gloves and was able to do my whole body. I called the hubby in to do my back anyway - just to see what he would say. He was so happy that I 'didn't reek'. The lotion has a tint to it - so it helps you see where you missed and where to blend it in better. I did it on a Tues night - then again on Thursday night because I liked it so much... Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] does just what it claims - delivers a great deep, dark, even tan, with zero nasty smell! What more can you ask for?!?!? I love it!" Read more

"...How to Get an A-List tan in just a few easy steps – Tips from celebrity spray tan artist Sinead Norenius..."

"...Now that 2009 has come to an end, it is time to reveal our Editor's Choice picks for the year or, in other words, my personal favorites... Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] Summer Glow Tanning System is by far the best self- tanning product that I have tried. This system allows me to take my extremely fair skin to a deep bronze without streaking or looking at all unnatural. And the best part is that it is completely free of that notorious self-tanner stink..."

"...For at least two decades, we've been crying out for better self-tanning formulas. We want a friendly fragrance, one that doesn't smell like burnt flesh or like we've just spent an afternoon in the petting zoo at the county fair. We want color that isn't orange. We want, and we want. I've tried brands that came close, and I mean really close- two of my favorites are ALMOST there and I love them for it. But along comes a new line out of nowhere, Antidote [now known as Beautisol™]. They've nailed it! In my opinion, they've beat every mass US brand who have tried their hands at sunless tanners to the punch..." Read more

"...This self-tanner totally stands out from the crowd. It's now my all-time favorite – actually, it's the first one I've ever liked. It quickly provides color that looks really natural, doesn't have that horrible self-tanner smell, is cruelty-free, and has an eco-friendly formula free of parabens, and propylene glycol. I was able to see results after just one application and didn't smell awful in the process..." Read more

"...And so, I'll be the first to admit that I've been slow to accept fall and have been somewhat longing for the warmth of summer. Well, what I won't have issues with, as we move into fall, is keeping up a bronzy glow- whenever I choose, since having tried Antidote Skin Care's [now known as Beautisol™] Dark Tanner..." Read more

"...I was pleasantly surprised by the smell—or lack there of. While there's a slight fresh laundry scent, there's no lingering chemical fumes that cause co-workers to shoot you dirty looks during a meeting... The green color is a little frightening but it produces a subtle, natural looking glow that hasn't rubbed off on my clothing. Now all I need is a bigger bottle so I can remain vampire free for the rest of winter..." Read more

"...Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion has a chocolate syrup color that can be intimidating to the fair and light skinned, but the guide color that seems so deep is actually one of the great features of this product. The guide color makes application fool-proof, because no missed spot will go unnoticed..."

"...The thing about Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] is that give you DIRECTIONS with their products…as in, put this many pumps of product here. and here. and here. The results are phenom…because getting good results with a self tanning product can be as much about technique as it is actual product! All Seasons Glow gave me a beautiful glow…it was a tad bit darker than the drugstore graduals I've used in the past so it only took me 2 applications to get the color I needed…minus the drugstore stink!" Read more

"...The star product, most definitely, would be Summer Glow. First, the good stuff: it's packed with powerful anti-oxidants, anti-aging ingredients and oils to hydrate and nourish the skin. Last but not least, it is paraben- propylene glycol- and cruelty free. Sinead did say she wanted to create a line her blog readers would love, and well, I think she's done it..." Read more

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"...I happen to have a mini obsession with ultra pale skin (just ask Ana!) so I never thought I'd love self-tanner, but it's pretty amazing stuff. Who knew a tan could make my flabby legs look leaner and more toned?..." Read more

"...Within the hour we could see a color difference that looked like a natural golden brown tan. I was so surprised at how natural it looked that I used it the next day on my legs. My skin looked beautifully tanned as if I had vacationed in St. Tropez! It delivers an incredibly natural-looking sunless tan. What is so unique about this product is that you get results! You don't get that burnt microwave skin smell nor will your skin look like you bathed in carrot juice. I am completely sold on this lotion! Seriously folks, this stuff really works..." Read more

"...I do a fairly rushed job of applying the tan so expect there'll be some streaking. Nope, it goes on smoothly; and being based on a deep brown tone rather than having an orange base, the color is natural looking..." Read more

"...Much as I love to complain at times (haha), there is not one thing that I dislike about Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™]. It is far better than any sunless tanner I've ever used. I love that it doesn't streak at all, and it looks very natural. Plus, it smells really good..." Read more

"...The tan went on surprisingly smoothly and smelled delicious which was a surprise! I sat for a few hours letting it dry and then went to bed. I was AMAZED when I woke up! I wasn't sickly pale or bright orange. I was gorgeously tanned and I looked skinnier too! Who would have thought! The tan didn't rub off, and didn't even fade in my morning shower. My boyfriend and family are all very impressed, and I simply love it..." Read more

"...The next morning I had a great glow when after my shower! It was actually natural looking, a great light bronze color. Oh, and did I mention there was no smell? I'm expecting to see this on many a "Best of 2009" list. Check it out if you need a new self tanner..." Read more

"...This is a truly exceptional self tanner—and has surpassed my list of favorite self tanners, skyrocketing to the #1 spot! I was immediately in love with the color that resulted. The first time I used it, I didn't want to take a shower, in fear that the gorgeous, dark color would rinse off. But guess what? It stayed dark and luscious for 8 days. This system is superior. Aficionado gives this an A..." Read more

"...The lotion is somewhat pigmented so you can see what you are doing. It doesn't have to look perfect - as long as you are covered, you will be good to go. Then wait a few minutes and get dressed. Voila! Several hours later, your tan will develop and you will look bronze and gorgeous. And there isn't a hint of nasty self-tanner smell!..." Read more

"...Are you ready for a better way to tan, without the high price (or risk of cancer)? Sinead Norenius, the Self Tanning Queen herself (and author of the Self Tanning Queen blog!), created Antidote Skin Care's [now known as Beautisol™] line of self tanning products based off of feedback she received about what was lacking from tanning products on the market today. After finding the perfect tan shade, Sinead eliminated all the "yucky stuff," like parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laureth (and that bad smell)! And on top of that, Antidote's [now known as Beautisol™] products are cruelty-free!..." Read more

"...It's no secret that Fall is upon us. No more hanging at the poolside soaking up all that vitamin D! But don't worry, you don't have to take a vacation to Hawaii to get your tan back. Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] has developed high quality and environmentally conscious self-tanning products. You can find a series of videos on the website, for tips and tricks on how to apply the sunless tanners so you can achieve the perfect tan every single time you use the products..." Read more

"...The tan I got seems to last awhile, a least a week I think. It wasn't streaky at all either... This is a great, very natural looking self tanner. It does take some time and concentration to apply it correctly, but the effort is worth the payoff – a gorgeous tan without the cancer..." Read more

"...'Use a dry wash cloth to buff areas like the elbows, knees and heels where the self-tanner tends to grab a lot of product,' adds Sinead Norenius, a 14-year-licensed aesthetician who has worked in the skin care industry for years... 'OxyClean is your best friend when it comes to brightening your clothes,' says Norenius. It can also help when your clothes are stained by your tanning agent. 'In case some of the guide color rubs off onto your whites, use it,' Norenius advises..." Read more

"...I absolutely loved the scent of this lotion... very, very subtle scent not overpowering at all. Very nice, considering almost all other self tanners I have tried smell gross or the scent turns gross after a couple hours... So, immediately after I put the lotion on, my skin was bronzed and sunkissed looking, I looked like I just came from a wonderful vacation!... I seriously love this sunless tanning lotion!" Read more

"...Fake a sun-kissed glow: After exfoliating, get a beautiful summer glow, sans the sun damage, pricey airfare, and exorbitant hotel rate with the Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] Summer Glow System. It includes self-tanning lotion, scrub, gloves, and an instructional DVD – everything you need for natural, gorgeous color..."

"...Getting an island glow from the comfort of your home is a great way to change up your look without an expensive vacation or harmful rays...For an at-home application that's close to a glow you could snag in St. Tropez, check out Antidote Skin Care's [now known as Beautisol™] line of sunless tanning products..." Read more

"...I had the opportunity to try out the Summer Glow + Go Slough Yourself, and I was quite impressed! Since I avoid laying out in the sun or hitting the tanning beds, I'm ghastly fair for someone who is mixed. So I was thrilled to try out this sunless tanning system! I was a bit surprised that this kit included gloves, because one thing I hate about most sunless tanners is getting the product on my hands and having orangeish looking palms after using the product...It is far better than any sunless tanner I've ever used..." Read more

"...However, I never found one that didn't have the awful, strong scent that reminds one of copper pennies mixed with dirty socks…A company called Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] I believe has found the best answer to an inoffensive olfactory experience in the realm of self tanning, the best I've tried so far in that sense..." Read more

Buy Beautisol Self Tanning Products Now!

Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt


"The Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt gets the job done but isn’t abrasive or damaging to your skin. It fits easily over your hand and doesn’t slip off as you slough off the dead skin. A must-have for use with your favorite self-tanning product!"

"This is perfect! It is so easy to use with a little body wash and gently exfoliate your whole body very evenly. It is definitely strong enough to stand up to daily use, but the material is very thin and rinses and dries out easily."

"This mitt reminds me of the fantastic body exfoliation that I've only been able to achieve by visiting a local Korean day spa. Now I don't have to book a pricey treatment, I can just use my Hammam mitt at home!"

"This is a wonderful mitt for thorough body exfoliation. I used it before I applied Beautisol Summer Glow Self-tanner and it made my skin super smooth. It removed all rough patches at my elbows, knees and my heels."

"I have tried so many scrubs in my lifetime, but nothing beats a reusable physical exfoliator that you can use over and over again. I have purchased scrubbing mitts at the local Korean spas (the same ones they use to do body scrubs) and they are fantastic. If you don’t have a Korean spa near you (or if you’re afraid to walk around naked with elderly Korean women), pick up a Beautisol Hammam Exfoliating Mitt. Actually – pick up two so you can scrub a dub dub with both hands. A definite must have for every shower!" Read more

"So far I've only tried the medium/light exfoliation technique since it's difficult for me to find time to take long baths/showers with a toddler running around. I love this mitt. It fits my hand perfectly. It is easy to use and gets the job done. My skin now feels very soft and smooth."

"What a perfect pick me up for winter skin blahs. I love the design. Will buy some for my girlfriends too ... great gift idea."

Body Bronzer


"…this bronzer really is streak free. The application mitt that came with this is genius. This is a great body bronzer and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick faux tan. It would probably be a good idea to wear it in the colder months when you're not prone to sweat and humidity and remember to wear dark colored clothing." Read more

"…The tea tan glow body bronzer is the perfect "oh crap I have to wear a sleeveless dress in a few hours and I need to look like I lost 5 lbs" product. Sinead from beautisol says, "If you can't tone it, tan it!" It's true – a nice tan will instantly make you look slimmer!" Read more

"…amazing new beauty products c/o iFabbo: Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Body Bronzer!" Read more

"I have to admit, at first I did not even want to try the product, I was scared to. I have had some really bad experiences with Self Tanning Products, streaky, or orange fake body tan is all I got from using them. Then, I got the perfect solution, Tea Tan Glow by the fabulous Beautisol. The mitt is so awesome, it help with making the tan even and gorgeous." Read more

"When I applied the foam with my fingertips the results were nice. I also used the professional applicator mitt as well and the finish was flawless. If you are new to this texture of self tanning product, you may want to apply using the mitt. This will ensure a nicer experience. There is no nasty scent that is generally affiliated with self tanning." Read more

"This self tanner is my favorite quick-fix tan! The tea adds extra moisture to your skin, and the best part about this product is that it's DHA free, so the product washes off when you shower (it removes easily with soap and water). The tan you get from this product helps hide those nasty 'ole spider veins, cellulite and uneven skin tones. Bonus- it smells heavenly! It's a mousse formula, so it doesn't streak which is freakin' awesome!" Read more

"No self-tanner scent at all! The initial scent is actually quite refreshing. Instant color! The result you would usually get after 6 hours with a real self-tanner right away. Even buildable with second application, though it already gives a dark color with one!It´s a mousse which means no mess and easy application. Also, it absorbs right away! No waiting time for it to dry." Read more

"So, after opening this package I was stoked. My experience was positive and this product works for anyone who wants a subtle and natural looking glow, in my opinion. Another plus? Application and dry time are both super quick!" Read more

Face Self-Tanning Products


"...This product is fabulous because one of my biggest hesitations in using self-tanner on my face is breaking out. But after using the Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner, I look tan and my skin looks great! It even helps control oil that usually accumulates on my face throughout the day." Read more

"...Their product, Need I Glow More?, works with your skin to give it a bright, bronzed shade that will leave your friends wondering when you had the time to escape to Aruba for the weekend... Tan quickly, in the comfort of your own home, and protect your skin! It looks like a win-win to us... " Read more

"...I love that its dark so you instantly see results AND you can see how well you have rubbed it in to make sure it is all even... This product delivered in every way, even some I wasn't sure about. I never thought I'd find a tanner that smelled GOOD! I will never have to smell that self-tanner scent again, its a dead giveaway! This color didn't turn me orange and I immediately saw color which I loved... In the end, this product works great and I know I will be buying more!..." Read more

" provides a tan without damaging UV rays, includes antioxidants to help boost skin’s UV protection, treats the skin rather than drying it out like many other self-tanners, and it doesn't smell!.... " Read more

"...It's safe for sensitive skin while addressing and preventing breakouts and uneven skintone. It's dynamite, as is every product I've used from this brand. Not to mention that website is an amazing resource for all things tan and filled with great tips and techniques to make you an application expert.... " Read more

"...I am loving "Need I Glow More" Face Self Tanner for sensitive skin... I woke the next morning moisturized, darker, bronzed, completely even and glowing! I achieved similar results with their body self-tanners and highly recommend their facial and body scrubs for pre-tanning... " Read more

" ten products for 2011... I'm obsessed with self tanners and Beautisol is one of the absolute best products on the market... " Read more

"...sunless tanning will provide you with a gorgeous glow... Sunkissed skin... product is going to absorb the oil in your skin, making your face less acne prone... " Read more

"...finally there's a safe way to get a sun-kissed face without the burn or the irritation... never yellow or orange-y... glow with the pros... " Read more

"...It not only developed into a great looking natural tan, but during application you get the instant gratification of color... Not only did I get a "glowing" tan, my skin got benefits according to my skin type... " Read more

"...minimized the appearance of skin imperfections and needed to use less foundation to even out skin tone... I looked slightly sun-kissed and and my skin was more radiant... slow progression of colour allowed control of colour intensity... " Read more

"...The lightweight, water-based creams are also tinted with a brown "guide color," allowing you to see exactly where you have applied the product and where you may have missed a spot. The intensity of skin's golden glow builds with each application, providing total control over the final result. Brains and beauty, all in one little tube..." Read more

"...No orange hue. No streaks... My face really did just have the start of a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow. I couldn't wait to see what my face would look like in the morning. The product continues to develop color on the skin for up six to eight hours after the application..." Read more

"...what's clever about this product is that they offer it in 2 different formulations for different skin types: one for oily-problematic skin and the other for normal-dry-sensitive skin. I know lots of people that are reluctant to use self-tanners on their face because they make them break out so it's nice someone finally is addressing that!... Not only did it not make me break out, the product gave me a beautiful healthy glow without the slightest hint of orange!... " Read more

"...It already has some pigment in it which I love, because you can see where you are putting it to make sure you get even and streak-free coverage... The next morning I woke up, washed my face off and was left with a really nice light tan! It wasn't orange at all, and the best part was no stink... " Read more

"...I tend to self-tan my face at night, when my moisturizer, spf, makeup, etc, can't interfere. Also, so I wake up looking like I'm on vaca. But when I forget or want to go darker, I reach for this in the morning. The added bronzer give my skin an instant boost and make application super easy... " Read more

"...Not only does this tanner address skin type, but it also has a boost of anti-aging ingredients to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. What a multi-tasker... " Read more

"...I really appreciated the help of the application guide, as I didn't have a clear idea on how you were supposed to apply self-tan... delivering an instant and gorgeous golden-brown color... I think the tan is very natural-looking, even on my super pale skin. I've always been a little fraid of self-tanners because I thought they would come out way too dark on my skin, but now I'm reassured... " Read more

"...not only delivers a gorgeous natural-looking tan, but the skin specific formulations (normal/oily and normal/dry/sensitive) contain additional ingredients that treat skin problems like oiliness, acne, dryness and aging... guide color that helps you see exactly where you have applied the product, rhus reducing application mishaps. Brilliant!... " Read more

"...Since it is designed for specific skin types there is less of a chance for breakouts or uneven color. While bringing a natural tan it helps to address skin concerns... " Read more

"...I have been using the self-tanner, Beautisol for a couple of weeks now and it's THE best one... Beautisol is also the first self-tanner that has created a face tanner specifically for your skin type... Beautisol instantly bronzes, is easy to apply and leaves no streaks on your body. This is the ultimate self-tanner and I'm hooked... " Read more

"...I woke the next morning moisturized, darker, bronzed, totally even and glowing!... Totally 'tan-tastic!'... The most incredible feature of this product though, was the absence of the tell-tale self-tan odor than inevitably develops as the product reacts with your skin... LOVE LOVE LOVE!... " Read more

"...It already is pigmented when applying so that you can see where you are applying it even/uneven to prevent streaking... It doesn't turn a fake bake orange like many I've had before. In fact you can achieve a fast tan/glow... " Read more

"...I tried the Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner because I was looking so pale from the cold winter... hydrates and nourishes your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles... leaving your skin radiant and tan..." Read more

"...I love Beautisol. Their facial tanner is more like skincare and the color is a Mediterranean tan, which means it's not going to go orange... And with a faux tanner like Beautisol, there is no smell..." Read more

"...After looking into the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. No oompa loompas to be found—only my own beautifully bronzed face staring me back... Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or anything in between, Beautisol has you covered..." Read more

"...A much safer and fool-proof way to get a beautiful bronzed glow... All you do is wake up the next morning and viola! Now, you look like you spent a week luxuriating on some exotic coast... The product feels air light on—so you're never left feeling greasy..." Read more

"...I used the, Need I Glow More? face tanner from Beautisol. It is definitely the self tanner you have been looking for. It looks quite dark when you put it in your hand. The reason is that it has a bronzer in it, so you can see where you are putting it. The smell is nice, and dries in about 10 minutes... Best Face Tanner-Hands Down!..." Read more

"...Best Face Tanner-EVER!... It is definitely the self tanner you have been looking for... " Read more

"...I took out the bottle of Beautisol's Face Self Tanner in Normal-Oily and read over the direction card. I really liked that it had little pictures for each step so that even on "sleepy-Mommy" mode I couldn't mess it up!... I liked that is was a very light, watery texture, that blended VERY easily and did not feel heavy at all... Overall, I am happy with the look and feel that it is a nice change..." Read more

"...Bronze the Right Way for Real Results... achieve a Goddess glow sans the sun and the streaks... " Read more

Get the best tan you've ever had. Shop now for Beautisol products.

"...This product is unique in that way, no other self-tanner deals with specific skin type. In my opinion, that makes this product superior because this product will not only give you the glow that you desire but also assist in manging your skin type... It is very light weight and absorbs quickly. You will wake up with a nice glow... I was tan enough and did not break out. I enjoyed using this product and would recommend to others..." Read more

"...I liked this product a lot. Enough so, that I will be purchasing some tubes for my personal use... I loved the look on my face and neck, and was also very nice on my hands... gave an attractive and natural instant color..." Read more

"...Beautisol offers a line of facial tanners formulated specifically for different skin conditions, like oily, dry, sensitive and problematic... The perfect pick-me-up for pale & pasty skin..." Read more

"...This has become my go-to tanner for my face. Yup, it's that good and natural looking. This is one that provides some instant color so you will have a bronze glow and the tan itself develops in a few hours..." Read more

"...The problem I had for a long time was finding one that didn't streak, didn't smell and was the right color…it seemed like the impossible mission!! But then I discovered Beautisol… I've said it before and I'll say it again. RUN don't walk to get this stuff!! It's so good you can skip foundation in the warmer months if you wanted too!..." Read more

"...Gossip Girl star Blake Lively always has a beautiful California glow, which never looks fake. What's her secret? It just might be the new self tanner from Beautisol!... Blake even sent the brand a personal note saying she loved the new skin type self tanner for face, "Need I Glow More?"... Your skin will look luminous and healthy immediately..." Read more

"...Weight Watchers Spring Beauty Bounty: Beautisol's Face Self-Tanner... goes on evenly and leaves a nice glow..." Read more

"...I have been checking myself out in any mirror available ever since I applied Need I Glow More? by Beautisol. Not just out of pure vanity, but also out of pure shock. I have not seen any color on my sad, pale face for months now, and I was beginning to think I may never again. My fears were appeased though after one (that's right, ONE!!) application of the company's self-tanner specifically for your face..." Read more

"...A faux glow, sans orange tint & breakouts!... Any ol' self-tanner will do for your body—but your face? That's a different story... That's why esthetician and proclaimed "Self Tanning Queen" Sinead Norenius developed Beautisol, a new skin care line that includes self-tanners tailored toward two types of sensitive complexions—aging and acne-prone..." Read more

"...Beauty Radar! Our Product Picks Of The Week... Blake Lively is a fan of Beautisol Self-Tanner, which is blended for your skin type. We love the Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner, which will give you an awesome glow without the grease!..." Read more

"...I only used a small dollop of tanner... you can see the difference in the color change with just one application. No streaking or oompa loompa coloring, just a natural-looking tan..." Read more

"...Ever wondered how Blake Lively manages to have that effortlessly California girl glow, even in the harsh New York winters? Our fashionizter spies know the answer: While shooting Gossip Girl in Los Angeles, Blake was spotted testing out the new self tanner from Beautisol ( ..." Read more

"...It appears bronze as it goes on...The next morning I was quite pleased with my reflection. My face was a nice healthy bronze... It's wonderful and leaves my skin feeling fresh... I just look like I spent the day at the beach! Exactly what I want to look like in my wedding pictures!..." Read more

"...Comes in a variation specifically tailored for dry to normal skin and one specifically tailored for oil-prone skin types... it doesn't have that disgusting self tanner smell that others do... it has a built-in bronzer, which helps ensure a flawless finish...nd, perhaps most importantly, the color is very natural-looking..." Read more

"...This line has products that are designed specifically for oily or dry skin types instead of the usual one size fits all approach. All of these products are also made without that telltale self tanner smell which makes using them that much more pleasurable!..." Read more

"...The color is normal and real looking and not too dark. It didn't leave any residue or sticky oily feeling on my face... What's really cool is the immediate bronzing effect allows you to see where you applied the product and where you missed... The accompanying face exfoliant called Excrub Me is nice and the right texture, not too harsh a scrub, just enough to give a nice clean slate to your face before you apply the self-tanner, so it is even..." Read more

"...Just one application gave me a subtle sun-kissed glow... The package included the bottle of self-tanner, a small card with simple directions (with pictures!), and two starbursts! I think what I appreciated most about this product is it's simplicity... I say if you are looking for a good self-tanner for your face, try it!..." Read more

"...The self-tanner was easy to see and manipulate... I worked the cream into my face gradually, and about 3 hours later- voila!- slightly tanned skin that didn't look overdone at all. It was smooth, streakless, and just sort of a touch or two deeper than my natural skintone... The verdict? Would totally apply once a week for a healthy glow that cuts down on morning makeup time. I recommend trying out the formula for oily skin so it's sure not to clog pores..." Read more

"...I recently tried Beautisol's skin-type specific Need I Glow More? face tanner and I'm loving it... I love that their tanners are customizable to skin type (normal-oily or dry). My skin tends to be oily, and I certainly didn't break out from the tanner..." Read more

"...I prefer tanners that have a guide color, like this one, so you can see where you're putting the tanner. It's very light and washes off in the morning. The color is super-natural looking, and buildable so you can get a deeper tan if you use it more often..." Read more

"...I am highly impressed with [Beautisol's face self-tanner], it is now my favorite facial tanner. I've been racking my brain trying to find one negative, but there is nothing bad to say..." Read more

"...The scent is a far cry from that weird-chemical-kinda-burnt odor that so many self-tanners have. Beautisol's Need I Glow More? smells light and slightly floral... [we were] pleased with the smooth, streak-free results... Our skin remained clear, blemish-free and seemed somewhat more hydrated after using the product..." Read more

"...Featuring special technology to eliminate that weird self tanning smell, it creates a natural looking glow over night without the weird streakage. Best of all, it has serum like components to prevent signs of aging, eliminate oil and ward off any potential breakouts (it was created just for oily skin). But don't worry, they also offer a special Dry Skin formula for those with easily irritated, sensitive complexions..." Read more

"...Let me start off by saying, I do not have an even complexion. I have red undertones and some discoloration. I definitely am not one who can skip foundation. With this product I was actually able to go all day without foundation and didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable. The bit of color that was added to my skin helped make the red undertones a bit less noticeable. I really am excited to have found a product that works well for me. When I need a bit of color this will be my "go to" product for sure!..." Read more

"...The one I tried was specifically for oily skin, called Need I Glow More? (Oily) for face. I love products that multi-task, and this one is genius. It's skin care – it helps absorb oil and prevent acne – and it's a self-tanner. The self-tanner has a guide color, so it's easy to see where it's been applied. I never ended up with streaks, and I loved the color. I went from white girl to golden brown girl over night!..." Read more

"... Need I Glow More? is the first EVER skin type specific face self-tanner. …and wow! you can really notice a difference—no stinky smell! I didn't even have to apply foundation or powder; I can see using this instead of a tinted moisturizer this summer! I applied probably 5 stripes and again blended with my fingers. The next morning I had a very natural light tan– like I had spent a few minutes in the sun!..." Read more

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Anti-Aging Products


"...I started using it [99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum] because I have sun spots/damage on my face and yes I need to stop aging... reduces and prevents future wrinkles while it brightens photo-damaged skin... It is so worth it..." Read more

"...for client's in their 50's and beyond, Beautisol's [Eye Want reduces crow's feet with 10% Snap-8, which targets muscle contractions; minimizes expressions lines with peptide ingredient Inyline; increases elasticity with Retinol; and has skin lightening properties via birch bark extract..." Read more

"...I have been applying Beautisol 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum over the grooves that are becoming etched around my mouth and sense that they are gradually fading..." Read more

"...With 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum I've noticed a much clearer skin tone. My skin is more radiant with this. I use one small pump for my entire face and neck. Eye Want is a serum to be used only at night. It's very lightweight and a little goes a long way. It helps with firming skin and softening lines, it's been great for my crow's feet. Eye Bright is a lightweight that can be used twice a day and helps with moisturization and brightening. After 2 full months of use I'm seeing the benefits promised!..." Read more

"...Hey beauties guess what? I got three, yes three sincere compliments on my skin last week. In light of this recent event, I wanted to share my latest skin care routine with you. [With Beautisol's 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum], within two days I noticed a brightness to my skin along with an increased radiance... Honestly, I have not been this pleased with a serum in quite some time–it made a huge difference in my skin in mere days–what more could you ask for?..." Read more

"...New Ways to Fight Dark Circle and Fine Lines... I have tried [Beautisol's Bright Eyed] and while I don't suffer from extreme dark circles, I definitely saw an improvement in fine lines and brightness under my eyes." Read more

"...13 Innovative Gifting Ideas for Men! Running out of ideas scrambling to find something he will like? Look no further. Beautisol Peptide Resue Serum designed specifically for men to tackle sun damage that can cause premature aging and wrinkles..." Read more

"...I couldn't be more pleased with Beautisol's serum. Each peptide serves an important purpose in the battle against premature aging and wrinkling and their cumulative effect is remarkable. After three weeks of testing the serum, my complexion looks smoother, my skin plumper, and my fine lines less noticeable. It is quite hydrating as far as serums go and plays nicely with my moisturizer and makeup..." Read more

"...I was very, very impressed... [99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum] is like heaven to my combination skin... I can say that I am more impressed with my two-week trial than I have been with any other treatment in a very long time... If you are looking for a new anti-aging program, I recommend you check out this line. I think the products are wonderful, and they are the most promising anti-aging combination I have seen in quite a while..." Read more

"...When it comes to high-quality products as well as items that have the highest technology in the anti-aging process, Beautisol is it... What I love so much about this is that it delivers what it promises. Beautisol is an investment for your skin. You will love these items!..." Read more

"...My favorite [of the anti-aging products] so far? Bright Eyed – it is so smooth to apply and I kid you not, but my eye area looks like I've had about 12 hours of sleep. The cream is smooth, smells wonderful and applies like a dream. I really can see Beautisol becoming a key player in the sun care market..." Read more

"...After using the product [99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum] for a month, I am very pleased with how easy it is to use every day. Just one small pump a day, both morning and night, applied to your face and neck. I need easy, and this fits the bill. My skin feels more supple and it looks brighter. I love how the product feels on my skin. It is light and absorbs quickly..." Read more

"...The main benefit of Bright Eyed that I noticed in just a few days was that the skin tone around my eyes seemed to be a lot more even. The darkness was definitely reduced and the area looked well hydrated. This also meant that my under eye concealer wore better through the day as well... As someone who often survives on less sleep and more coffee than I'd like to admit, this is a great product to have on hand..." Read more

"...I have been using their products for just over two weeks now and I am quite pleased... In a matter of days, I began noticing a definite improvement in the puffiness and pigmentation underneath my eyes as well as how pronounced the stress lines were... All three [anti-aging] products absorbed very quickly into the skin and did not leave behind any greasy residue... I loved the radiance that these products brought out of my skin and how the areas I applied it to felt firmer..." Read more

"...Cruelty-free beauty brand, Beautisol, has a new eye cream, "Bright Eyed"... I found that it absorbs well and had an unexpected advantage over other creams I've tried... The Bright Eyed cream drastically reduced the size and appearance of these bumps [around the eyes]! Nothing else has ever worked on them. It's working on the wrinkles, too, so I will definitely keep using it!..." Read more

"...[Bright Eyed gets an A!] This is the perfect name for this product! It claims to "feed, plump and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes." I would say it does just that. I noticed a significant difference in the bags under my eyes... My eyes look more open and alert and most of the puffiness has simply vanished. The clincher – other people have noticed!..." Read more

"...One of 12 Must-Have Skin Care Products! Pick up your peepers with a decadent emollient eye mousse from Beautisol... Almost a miracle in a slim tube, Bright Eyed firms the skin for a rested look..." Read more

"...I received a sample size of [99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum] and I. Am. In. Love!!!!!!!!!!... I am telling you, this stuff ROCKS. It is very very moisturizing and since it is a heavier serum, it leaves your skin moist and does not sink in all that fast. It instantly makes the fine lines around my eyes more soft and less noticeable... if you are looking for a wonderful serum, that really shows you results quite quickly, I would recommend this product to you..." Read more

"...Sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a bloated, droopy raccoon staring back? (We're talking about your eyes, of course.) Fear not, because Beautisol is here. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Beautisol self tanning products as much as I love its founder Sinead from Self Tanning Queen..." Read more

"...Formulated for pure sun damage reversal purposes, Beautisol's peptide-packed serum targets collagen creation, wrinkle reduction, and brown spot brightening. Think of it as a heavy-duty replenisher for mature skins who have already seen more than their share of sunny days -- and the after-effects..." Read more & check out Slide #9

"...The peeps from my fave and best self tanner on the market, Beautisol, have expanded their product line with two anti-aging eye products Eye Want and Bright Eyed and I'm mad about them both... I've been testing it for over a month and I DO notice a difference in my crow's feet when I wear it... I am super excited Beautisol is branching out into skincare as they are into high, high, quality, skin safety and results..." Read more

"...I got to experience Beautisol's Eye Want - Crow's Feet Be Gone! and Bright Eyed - No Needles Required!... Together, these are a very effective product. Since using it, I have noticed firming around my eyes and less lines when my face is relaxed. I think with more time, these products are going to make me one happy Mama!..." Read more

"...A lot of men tend to wrinkle pre-maturely around the eyes. A few wrinkles are great for character but too many wrinkles can make you appear much older than you are. The fine folks at Beautisol have created a product, great for treating this area..."

"...[99% Pure Peptide Rescue Face Serum] helps to reverse the destructive effects of the sun by using eight revolutionary peptides. These peptides tighten, tone, and brighten your skin to make it look years younger... For some moms, the price is 100% worth the rewards..." Read more

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