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Tanning Testimonials

I absolutely love this product!! I have to be very careful with my skin as melanoma runs in my family. I love having a tan, so it's a struggle. Beautisol is the ONLY product I have ever used that gives this natural (NON ORANGE), natural fading tan!!! FINALLY!!! I don't feel I need to go running in the sun every second it's out to obtain a beautiful color. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Easy to streaking...and excellent instruction. Would recommend it to everyone!

Absolutely! This first time I tried it I told so many of my friends about it! This product is so worth it!

Everything is exactly what I wanted. The frequency of orders delivered and the ability to change if I wish to are great!

I love Beautisol and would recommend it to everyone!!

Please keep beautisol on the market for a very long time. I am on medication that I can't sit in the sun. This is absolutely PERFECT. THANK YOU.

Everything was GREAT!!!

I was pleasantly surprised that the tan was not orange with no odor. I could go bare legged the next day.

I have tried many self tanners and Beautisol is by far the best...smell, ease of application, doesn't smear after a workout, the color i beautiful and I have a nice color after only 2 applications! I love using this product. Beautisol is an amazing shopping experience! The customer service is excellent and when my package arrives, it is such fun to open it. It is packaged with care.

Yes. I already have told several people. Cynthia, Patricia, Kris, Renee. I liked the exfoliating gloves. I needed more gloves to reapply the self tanner though. Thank you for not only the great self tanner but for the philosophy of the company expressed in so many ways: Ingredients; Instructions; Fun communications; Excellent customer service.

I am currently almost 6 months pregnant and am about to leave for a trip to Panama City Beach, FL and didn't wanna go looking white :) so I got online browsing and found your product :) I am very pleased, it was super easy to apply and just loved it when my youngest child said "Mommy, you are brown" :) I am so excited to go to Florida with a nice summer tan that didn't damage my skin or pose a health risk to my pregnancy. I also look better with this beautiful summer glow.

I am already raving about it and have referred several friends.

Fantastic product, love the results, very natural, great product.

I absolutely love that there is no smell & the results are great!

Yes I will and have recommended this product to my friends. I have used lots of self tanners, and I have to say that so far I like this one the best. I will be reordering.

Best sunless product Ive ever used and I've tried alot.

I've got everyone asking how I got so tan :-)

You make it very easy to purchase your products. Thank You.

This is the first time that I have ever used a self tanning product. I liked it very much and will use it again. It faded in exactly one week. I guess this would be good if I didn't like it, but since I did like it , I wish that it would last for longer. I guess that using it again and again will make it last a bit longer each time? Anyway, I always avoid being in the sun, and this is a nice alternative if I want to have a little color. Thank you very much.

I have used other products, but this looks like a real tan. I have already recommended it to a couple of friends.

I have tried so many self tanners and I have really come to LOVE this product. It doesn't make my skin dry...the color is beautiful and I have a really nice color after 3 applications. It is easy to apply and I love the consistency of the product when applying. It doesn't take a lot. It's fantabulous! Your customer service is excellent and I like your follow up. I appreciate free auto ship and the packing of the product was just wonderful when it arrived. The special touch and follow up really make a difference. Beautisol cares about its product and those who buy it. Mahalo!

Again, your self tanner product is the ONLY self tanner I have ever found that doesn't have that resulting 'self-tanner stench' that always kept me from using self-tanners in the past. A Great technological breakthrough!

I'd like to find out more about your other products. "Summer Glow" is awesome --love the color and the only product I've ever used (and I've tried them all) that doesn't make me smell like "dirty feet". Glad I googled "Self tanners". Happy Easter!

Nope -- I love shopping with you. I find your customer service to be outstanding, as are your products, shipping time... everything!!!!! ... and I do! I love Beautisol!!!!

i loved the fact that the summer glow lotion was tinted so i could see where i was applying the lotion, and loved the results of the color! it has been by far the best scented self tanner i have used, stays on and looks great! i am blonde and pretty pale and the tan looks great! very natural. no orange! thank-you! i will be ordering more!

i loved the fact that the summer glow lotion was tinted so i could see where i was applying the lotion, and loved the results of the color! it has been by far the best scented self tanner i have used, stays on and looks great! i am blonde and pretty pale and the tan looks great! very natural. no orange! thank-you! i will be ordering more!

the package was great...the product was great. I think with a little practice I will be ready for summer.

I am a 65 year old women, red head, with very fair skin. Boy, did I do a lot of damage to my skin with all those years in the sun. So now, my skin is awful. Got lots of age spots. Your produds went on real smooth, if I want more color, I repeat. So, so far so good.I followed the instruckions to a tee. I can't put a lot on because it makes my skin looked more aged. I am going on a cruise in April and I just needed a littke color, so I did'nt stand out like a sore thumb.

Videos really helpful.

Everything was wonderful. Excellent customer service.

Self tanners typically dry my skin out but I didn't experience that at all with your product. The smell was by no way offensive like so many of the other tanners I've used. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

I loved the smell of the self tanning product. It smelled better than some of my regular moisturizing lotions smell. The color developed evenly and looks 100% natural. The instructional videos online were a great help to get me started and prepared for my first application. The candy in the packaging box was so cute and made me feel special as a client, not just another customer. Great job and A+ in every aspect! I would 100% recommend the tanning products to my friends and family.

i normally use st tropez mousse, i would have liked beautisol to make a mousse but i still love the summer glow ive already recommended you to friends.

I have recommended you to all the nurses in my procedure to remove a bit of skin cancer I developed. All I use is Beautisol's self tanner now! Change nothing!

I have tried a few self tanners since I do not sunbathe anymore and I love this product. First of all, I love the dark color and the smell is great. The packaging is so cute and it really made me smile to read in the invoice that is was "packaged with love and care" for no charge! The candy was an awesome suprise as well, loved it! It made me feel like your company really cares... I also use it because it is organic and chemical free. That is the number one thing I look for in a product. Other than that, I love the product and plan on using it for a long time. Thankyou for caring!

I want u guys to know that I absolutely love your product. I just recently found out I had skin cancer and I was a big tanner in the bed, needless to say I was very depressed until I found your product. Thank you guys soooo much and I will definately be a life long customer!!!

I absolutely LOVE the self tanner!!! It is the best. I usually go tanning in the summer and I found this product on the internet and I absolutely love it. I also just saw it this morning on REGIS AND KELLY! This product is definitely worth it. Such an amazing product. Love it. Thank you and I recommend this product to anyone!

I asked the question if your product would work on skin that has vitilego. It does, you suggested I purchase a sample and try that before I invested in a full size, I did and it works. My skin looks a lot better than it did. The dark area doesn't stand out as much and the real white area is tanned. Thank you so much I will now purchase it and use it and also recommend to my friends and family.

This stuff is amazing!!! I just used the darker solution!

Love this product!! so much better than the spray products ive been using for years.

I have had many compliments on my "great tan" since I got home -- everyone assumes that I got this look on the beach in Costa Rica. Beautisol is definitely the best self-tanner that I've ever used. There is no unpleasant processing odor and the color is very even and natural (particularly when I layered a second lighter application two days after the first). In the past I have given up quickly on other self-tanners, but I can definitely see myself using this product on a weekly basis year-round.

I recently purchased this item and tried it for the first time today! I love it! Not messy, orange, stinky, perfect for a faux tan. My husband was shocked at my tan!!! I will buy lots more!!!! THE BEST I EVER BOUGHT

As an instructor for the International Dermal Institute, I appreciated the DVD and educational card. Also, I am VERY PICKY about what I apply to my skin. This product gave me an ultra natural look...I am very fair and freckled and somehow instead of my freckles just looking darker & nasty, I look quite nicely blended. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the timely reply and the great really understand how to answer questions.

I really love your products!! Keep up the excellent work!

I was 100% satisfied with the product. I got so many compliments on my color that several of my co-workers (at least 4) immediately got on your website and ordered your product. The color is as good as a tan you get from the sun. It is not at all orange. Most people did not believe me when I told them it did not come from the sun. I could seriously be a spokesperson for the product. If I made the effort, I could seriously increase your sales on the East Coast. This is by far the best self-tanner I have ever used. I will only use this product for self-tanners in the future. Thank you!!

Love Love Love my tan....not to mention that I look thinner and more toned and I don't stink...YAY!!! Oh and I love the scrub too. Thanks Antidote [now known as Beautisol™]! ♥

Hello! My name is Sheree and I had purchased your Summer Glow kit recently and think it's phenomenal! I have always been a tanning girl, worked at a tanning salon and everything, anything to keep that golden glow I was always known to have. Well, I am getting older and don't want to completely ruin my skin so I have stopped tanning and am pretty pale and transparent now lol. I read a million reviews of a million different products from Sephora to St. Tropez, I have tried other products in the past and liked a Clarins self tanner, but hated the smell it left..I felt like I couldn't go out in public for a day or two until it subsided! That was horrible! So after many hours searching for a miracle, I stumbled upon Beautisol. After seeing reviews and pictures of results I was still on the fence. It was after I read about Sinead and her knowledge of self tanning that I decided to give this a try. My birthday was fast approaching and I needed to look tan A.S.A.P. To be honest, this product is the best product I have ever found! (I am a huge beauty junkie!) Everyone that came out for my Birthday could not understand how I got so perfectly tan in 2 days since they saw me last! It looked so natural that they didn't believe it was fake! There was only a slight smell that wasn't half as bad as the Clarins product I had used, and it only lasted from when I applied it at night to the first shower in the morning. I compared my pictures from my Bday to the ones I had from my trip to Bermuda in August and you couldn't tell which was fake or which was the real tan! Thank you Sinead for an amazing product that I tell EVERYONE about! The packaging was so cute and personal, and the product is amazing and affordable! I'm in love with Beautisol! :) Thank you again for a life changing product! You saved my skin and my wallet from tanning beds!

I am a 64 year old, pale skinned, red-head. I have used products like this my whole life and nothing compares with this. I love it. It is instant, doesn't smell and stays on good. Thanks for your product.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your dedication to customer satisfaction. I love the starburst you packed in the mail with my beautisol tanning products. Receiving this made my day. Thank you again for packing free love.

I have been a self-tanner for over ten years and I have never used a product as wonderful as yours. I have actually mixed other products together in search of that natural looking tan and I can tell you that nothing I have ever used can compare with Antidote [now known as Beautisol™]. People have actually told me that my skin looks better and more natural. After my first application, one of my friends saw me and wanted to know what I had used because she said my skin looked flawless. I am so pleased with my tan that I wish I had taken before pictures, not that I want them displayed, but to show you how incredibly beautiful my tan turned out to be. I am so thrilled with every aspect of Antidote [Beautisol™], from the application to the way it fades without making me look like I have a skin disease. You have mastered the art of self-tanning and I couldn't be happier! Thank you, more than I can ever tell you.

Get the best tan you've ever had. Shop now for Beautisol products.

Love the tan, so real and stays for awhile. Nothing like those creams.

Fantastic!!! Loved the cute packaging, very sweet! Felt like a little girl getting the best gift in the world! The product worked beautifully L.O.V.E it! The staff were extremely helpful and willing to meet my urgent need - I had just heard about this product and was leaving for Hawaii in 3 days. I had Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] in my hands a day earlier than anticipated. Bye, bye pasty white, hello beautiful island girl!! I had a beautiful, natural, healthy glow that lasted my week vacation! I am absolutely pleased with the product. I'm working on getting the technique down for applying to the feet. The tan looks uniform and creamy over the rest of the body, hardly detectable except the feet. Thank you thank you thank you. Everyone should know about this!!

I didn't want a dark tan, so I didn't use it every day. I live in New York state and we have very little sun, I always look pale. With Antidote [now known as Beautisol] sunless tanning lotion I now have a very natural color. And, if I want a darker look, all I have to do is to apply more lotion more often. Thank you for Antidote Skin Care! [Beautisol]

Love it. I had an nice warm "honey" tan. I was told I had a nicer tan than my husband--and he is half Asian!!

Wow!! I could not believe this product. I'm in the beauty business and have tried every self tanner you can imagine. First of all the fragrance was very nice. And no yellowly/orange color after it developed on my skin. I'm a very, very fair skinned person and it looks like a natural warm glow. But the ultimate part was no stinky smell that comes from all the other tanning products out there. My skin felt soft too! Thank you for a nice product. Going to try the scrub and moisture next!

I LOVE this product, and the Beautisol customer service has been exceptional! Please ship my order soon so I can get tan! :o)

I especially loved the candy! Who wouldn't want to munch on yummy food while tanning?! I am really impressed with Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] and keep telling everyone about it! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic tanner!

Love the stuff - the first product I have tried (and I've tried them all) that didn't make me turn orange - it actually looked like a natural suntan - finally something that lives up to the hype. VERY pleased! The whole experience, shopping, packaging, and the final product results were above expectations. All were simple, fast, and with great results.

I just have to say what a fantastic product this is. I have never been much of a self-tanner, always preferring what I thought was a more "natural" tan from the sun. But I had heard great things about Antidote [now known as Beautisol] so I thought I would give it a try. I started by using the "Go Slough Yourself" scrub which made my skin silky soft and smooth and has a delightful citrus scent. The next step was to apply the lotion. At first, I was a little intimidated by the dark hue of Summer Glow but went ahead and followed the handy directions that come with each bottle. The first thing I noticed was how nice it smells - none of the funny smells that other self-tanners usually have. I was worried that it looked too dark but remembered that the "guide color" - which is basically a bronzer in the lotion to show you where you've applied it already - was still on my skin. So, I went to bed and ... the next day I showered and TA-DA! It was pretty amazing! I looked like I had just spent a week on the beach - sans the skin damage that goes along with baking in the sun! It gives you such a natural and pretty glow. I am so excited that I finally found a self-tanner that I like and that works for my busy schedule and fits in with my desire to keep my skin healthy and protected from the sun. No more baking for me! :)

When I first opened my package, I was pleasantly surprised and appreciated the personal touch. Then I thought, "I hope it isn't all marketing and no product!" It definitely is a great product, but I still have suggestions. I still noticed a chemical smell, and had to wash my pj's and sheets the next day. But unlike other tanners, this is the first one I have used whose color far outlasted the smell. Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work!

You've done a phenomenal job! I absolutely love all the products! My favorite is the Summer Glow - I love the immediate results and the scent is fab!

I love, love, LOVE my self-tanner!!!!

For a flawless tan. Guaranteed. Shop now for Beautisol products.

I am really impressed with Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] and keep telling everyone about it! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic tanner! I love the product and feel that it is even better than I could have imagined!

I really liked the product! It was a great change from all the other self tanners I have tried. The smell was a lot less harsh, it dried quickly and went on smoothly.

So happy with this product... Like others, I was a bit frightened by the color of the lotion, but found it to be helpful in applying. Because I do not like the bad health effects of UV rays, I have tried many tanning products and only one pleased me for the most part. Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] however, is the best yet! It won me over with its lack of odor that tanning lotions are known for, and also for the brown rather than orange glow it leaves. I feel prepared for summer!

Love it! This is the closest I have ever gotten to the look of a "real tan" from a self-tanner. I will definitely be a repeat customer and tell all my friends!

It was amazing!! I've tried many different tanning products including many of the more expensive brand names, this is by far the best! And I love that it doesn't have that self-tanner smell! Especially after you wash it off.

I have tried just about every tanning product out there and I wasn't expecting this product to much different the it's contenders, but...WOW! The first thing I noticed was the scent! Just as the label said there was no nasty smell after I applied the product. Instead there was a fresh pleasant scent. By the end of the day there was a slight "self tanner" smell but nothing unbearable or strong like the other products I've used in the past and the color is perfect! It does not leave you orange or streaky...just bronze and flawless. I truly love this product and am ordering a bottle for my sister and friends! I would recommend Antidote [now known as Beautisol™] to anyone trying to achieve the perfect sunless tan!

I love this product! It smells great and the color is so much better than any other self tanner I've tried, and there have been many. I love this product!

I am so happy with my Summer Glow. The color is so natural looking and there's isn't any scent. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and have sent customers your way!

Love the product! I love the fact that there isn't an odor smell while the product is being processed as there has always been with the other sunless products that I have used before. Easy to apply, non-messy, and dries so quickly.

I did it on a Saturday night and when I woke up in the morning I had a beautiful tan. Beautiful color and not too dark for my complexion. My husband just kept staring at me because he loved it too! Thank you so much. Your product has helped my confidence tremendously. Thanks Sinead and everyone at Antidote [now known as Beautisol™].

The face tanner for normal to dry skin is PHENOMENAL!!

Anti-Aging Testimonials


I can't believe I'm seeing a difference in my face after 3 days [of using 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum]!! It is becoming even in tone. Now this is coming from a shift worker on a 12 hour day. I am seeing improvement, I just didn't expect it so soon. I will be excited to see the before/after pics after 15 days.
--Michelle, Before & After Model

My products have arrived which is fab! Just put on and can see a difference in crows feet - wow!

Thank you so much! You are great!!! Love the product.

I got the peptide serum as a thank you gift at the party. That stuff is wow, just wow.

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Customer Service & Other Testimonials


I want to apologize for not thanking you earlier for your gracious offer. Thank you so much. You have tender, warm hearts and with that, I know your company will go far and above the goals that you have set. I am happy and proud to tell people about your products but I will be especially happy to report that the founders of this company genuinely care about people. Your gesture has truly touched me and (best of all) has kicked this new year off in an exciting way! You'll are great and I want to wish everyone a happy and successful 2011.

Thank you so much for taking care of this for me! It was probably the best customer service I've received anywhere within years. For once in many years, I actually don't dread calling for help. You are fast, confident, and responsive to clients needs. I cannot thank you enough. Being as I've worked in customer service for many years, I can appreciate someone's honesty and genuine concern. Again, thank you for being so responsive and taking care of this issue for me.
--Very pleased customer, Lauren

Thank you SO much for your speedy reply... and on the weekend! Really appreciate the amazing Customer Service and LOVE the product! Thanks again!

I'm so excited to use the product but really want to do it the right way so watching the videos will help tremendously! I really appreciate the great customer service and will definitely recommend to all my friends who don't like UV tanning. Have a great day! Thanks so much for following up... Customer service at Beautisol is outstanding!

I just wanted to thank you for your AWESOME customer service. I've encountered significant issues with 4 other companies this week and your service made my day on Wednesday! It's nice to know there are still companies out there who actually value their customers and remember that they're the ones that keep companies in business.

Thank you so much! Your customer service department is by far the best out of anyone. Beautisol is awesome!

Thank you very much for the prompt replacement of my order. It was received in excellent condition and very much appreciated. I have already recommended your company to my friends because of your excellent customer service, and I haven't even tried the product yet! Thank you again.

Thanks for the terrific customer service - it's my first order and I am very pleased.

I want you to know that I felt like I had received a gift (even though I bought it for myself) because of the packaging and the treats in the box. The colors, graphics, tissue paper, all add the special touch! Keep it up!! I love this stuff.

It was so great that you topped it all off with Starbursts! Opening up the package was such a treat :) Fabulous product! It actually makes my skin look better from the inside out!

Great company, great service, great packaging. I will absolutely order again! (oh, and tell my friends of course, even though I kinda don't want them to know my secrets) :P

You guys went above and beyond with the shipping package! Everything in it was wonderful and greatfully appreciated. Antidote Skin Care [now known as Beautisol™] is clearly a company that wants to make quality products that people love, therefore I wish everyone in the company the best.

Thank you very much! :) Yes, definitely I will be in touch in the near future. Furthermore, I am very impressed with the products and the customer service! I will be for sure recommending and referring others to you all. Thank you again!

Thank you so much for a quality product delivered in a first class presentation. It shows you value your product and your customer!

Thank you so much for checking for me. I have heard nothing but great things about your company and customer service.

Everything is very concise. Excellent product! No "after smell" and the color is beautiful. I am extremely impressed with every facet of your company and the products. You have a loyal customer now!

What a pleasure doing business with a company that cares! Thank you again for your quick response! Beautisol rocks!

What wonderful customer service you have! Thank you! Special thank you to Sinead for the lovely note. Much appreciated.

Thanks... As always, anytime I call, the staff is helpful and make it a fun experience!!

The pump hand-out is genuis - if only for the purpose of making me feel more confident that I knew what I was doing... i.e. I had a set of instructions that I could follow and be okay. I attended a tanning party so I got a great sense of the brand, the people behind it and the passion for it. And I had never tanned before so I was nervous. The how-to videos are really great to! Go Antidote Skin Care [Beautisol™]! I'm cheering for you!

Thanks so much... everyone in your company is so helpful, pleasant and informative... Enjoying the experience!!

Thank you so much for a quality product delivered in a first class presentation. It shows you value your product and your customer! We love it! Instant gratification and long lasting tan. Great product! We will definitely recommend it.

THANK YOU for resolving my issues. What a great company to do business with!! I'll be sure to tell everyone I know :)

Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service. I did not expect so prompt a response and am pleasantly surprised at how easy this process was.

Thank you for the excellent customer service over the phone!

Awesome experience! Super quick response when I first e-mailed for information, quick delivery, and wonderful product! I LOVED the smell--and the color! Perfection. :)

I did want to email you back and let you know that I have never had a nicer conversation and you were not at all pushy and just trying to make a sale and get your money like most companies are and I appreciate that a lot!! I so look forward to getting Beautisol!! Again, thank you :)

Thought it was great packaging... loved the added touch of the Starbursts. Liked the videos and step by step instructions including how many pumps to apply. Most user-friendly tanner I have ever tried!

Fantastic! Easy account set-up, easy to order, shipped and arrived quickly. Product looks great!

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