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I really really like the convenience of ClubSol. It's so easy and secure to use. The email a few weeks before my order is sent is a nice reminder and comes in handy when I want to change what products I want or do not want to receive. I am a big fan of the Go Slough Yourself scrub and I run out like crazy, so I just go in to my account, change the automatic shipment quantity, and add as many scrubs as I want sent to me. I have total control, and I love that! I never have to worry because I will never run out of my favorite Beautisol products and that makes me so very happy.

Iris R.

I currently have my ClubSol account set to receive my Summer Glow every 60 days. It is so easy and very convenient so that you never run out of your product. What is really great is that you get a courtesy email from Beautisol 5 days before your shipment is expected. My order is always arriving right when I need it. I would recommend this to everyone that is a lover of Beautisol. No hassle, no worries!!!

Starlette R.

Great products, free shipping and the freedom to personalize your account are just three of the many reasons that ClubSol is a wonderful program. I have been in Beautisols ClubSol program for well over a year now and it is wonderful. I love that I have the freedom to go into my account at any time and change the frequency my product ships, change the ship date and even change my product. If I still have plenty, I can go in to my account and move out my ship date. The flexibility is wonderful and it's nice not to be penalized when you do make changes. I would highly recommend ClubSol to anyone who uses Beautisol products. Thanks Beautisol!!!!

Sherri C.

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