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Cruelty Free Products – PETA Certified

As people become more aware of issues such as animal right and environment protection, the demand for ethical products rises. Consumers look to make more responsible choices by using safe self tanners that are good for the skin that are also cruelty free. One of the aspects of a self tan review that people now pay attention to is certifications from animal rights groups, animal testing testimonials and so on. 

What are cruelty free products?

Cruelty free products are those that do not test on animals or use any animal products. The perception now is that safe self tanners are those that are ethically made and with due regard to animal rights. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is one organization that spreads information and raises awareness about animal rights.
Veganism is also a growing movement – vegans are individuals who not only do not eat meat, fish, poultry or dairy they also eschew products like honey, leather, and silk. Vegans, members of PETA and other animal right groups have recently created a lot of awareness about cruelty to animals which is why more and more people now look for ethical, cruelty free products.

Cruelty-free certification

Safe self tanners and other cosmetic products have to meet certain stringent conditions to receive certification from PETA or other animal rights groups. The companies certified by PETA have to submit an assurance and verify that they do not test on animals and that their products contain no animal ingredients, directly or indirectly. The company also pledges not to do so in the future before receiving certification.
Cruelty free companies are then listed on PETA websites and online data bases, their shopping guides and other brochures and lists. The easily identifiable cruelty free bunny logo will testify to a product having received PETA certification. You can refer to these lists published by PETA and other animal rights groups as well self tan reviews, to find out about companies that manufacture cruelty free self tanners

Benefits of cruelty-free products

When you buy cruelty free tanners you can be reasonably sure that you’re buying safe self tanners from a responsible manufacture. You know that when you pick cruelty free products, you are making an ethical, humane and responsible decision not to support animal cruelty. You can be true to your conscience and have the benefit of using safe products that use alternative testing methods; you can be sure that the product is good for your skin as well as the animal that escaped testing!
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