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James C. Gardner, MD
"Over the 25 years that I have been practicing primary care medicine and cosmetic surgery, I have frequently run into the dilemma of how to get the cosmetic benefits of a great looking tan without the accumulative ultraviolet damage to the skin. A rich and even sun tan gives the appearance of a more youthful and firm body at a small cost compared to cosmetic procedures, but may accelerate the aging process of the skin by causing brown spots and wrinkles at a younger age and trigger mutations in the skin that may later lead to cancer.

Beautisol™ is the first product I have evaluated that is really a clear solution in achieving a safe, beautiful tan. The reason lies in its advanced Pure Scent technology and superior formulation. Competing products fail to deliver the natural appearing color, evenness of tone, and the non-offensive odor that my patients have enjoyed with Beautisol™. It is the only self-tanning product that I currently recommend due to high patient satisfaction, safety of ingredients, low risk of skin reactions or irritation, and consistently excellent results."
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