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A lot of male celebrities sport that rugged, outdoorsy, bronzed look, and it’s only natural that we wonder who among them use face self tanners to get that seemingly natural look. Unlike female celebs, the male of the species rarely admits to using an appearance enhancing product such a face self tanner. As we look at male celebs recently spotted with rather amazing man tans; we wonder if they have had some help from a bottle:

The Jersey Shore guys Pauly D and The Situation are among the few who openly admit to using face self tanners. For them it’s a way of life and they don’t mind admitting it.

Mark Wahlberg (or the artist formerly known as Marky Mark) is another male celebrity who cannot quite deny having used a face self tanner to say nothing of rather publicly getting himself spray tanned on a hotel balcony. Last year he was spotted on the balcony of his hotel in Miami Florida in his underwear, getting spray tanned.

Simon Cowell was spotted with a suspiciously dark tan last year. One has to wonder if it was a hot summer in Barbados or some help from some designer tanner products that were the reason for it.

David Dickinson is known for his year round tan, and we do indeed wonder how he maintains that dark skin color all of the time (even if it veers perilously close to orange at times).

Bradley Cooper was recently spotted at the occasion of the premier of the film Valentine Day with rather a strange half tan that seemed to scream face self tanners gone wrong. While the neck, ear and stubble area were remarkably pale, the rest of the face was about five shades more bronze.

Bradley Cooper's self tan failure

Hugh Jackman may be the epitome of the rugged guy with his weathered looking face but one does wonder if it’s the sun or a bottle of face self tanner that’s responsible for the macho look.

Peter Andre’s original inspiration for the tan look could have been the desire to sport matching tans with ex wife Katy Price, but it would seem that the man got attached to his self tanner in the process.

John Travolta’s tan appears strangely patchy at times, making us wonder whether he fell asleep in the sun or whether a fake bake was responsible.

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with a very authentic looking tan. If that bronzed look owes itself to face self tanners, then we know he probably has a very good stylist.
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