Beautisol Launches Luxury Eye Cream Duo For Younger Looking Eyes Effectively Reducing the Visible Signs of Sun Damage and Aging

Eye Want and Bright Eyed include the maximum amount of peptides for the latest defense against fine lines and aging around the eye area

San Francisco, CA - August 04, 2010 – Beautisol, the leading sun care experts, announced today they are expanding their product line and bringing their expertise into skincare. Beautisol helps turn back the clock and undo sun damage and wrinkles around the eyes with two anti-aging eye products that combat wrinkles, expression lines and muscle contractions at the same time. The two new products, EYE WANT and BRIGHT EYED can be used separately or together for a complete eye makeover.

EYE WANT works like Botox but without the needles! This innovative eye product reduces the appearance of the crow’s feet around the eyes by 63%, effectively increasing skin radiance. With ingredients such as Snap-8 (newer offspring of Argirilene®), Retinol and Inyline, EYE WANT serum is in a class all by itself.

BRIGHT EYED is a powerful eye mousse that’s packed with the latest and most advanced anti-aging peptides that help nourish and firm the delicate eye area. Cutting edge ingredients such as Argireline®, Leuphasyl® and Borage Oil, provide real results and combat the signs of aging like collagen degeneration, puffiness and loss of elasticity.

“Beautisol has always brought customers high quality products in self-tanning and now, we’ve transitioned into total sun care and sun damage repair by bringing consumers the most scientifically advanced products we’ve ever created,” said Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol. “EYE WANT and BRIGHT EYED are like no other products on the market. Our eye care combination is not your ordinary eye cream duo. We have included the maximum recommended dosage of peptides and we’re bringing to the consumer an alternative solution to Botox. No needles, no pain, no fuss. Just younger looking eyes. Nothing else on the market compares to this powerful, results-orientated eye duo.”

EYE WANT and BRIGHT EYED both are formulated with cutting edge ingredients that fight fine lines, wrinkles, collagen degeneration, puffiness and loss of elasticity around the eyes. Both products are high-performing and clinically proven to dramatically improve the appearance around the eyes. EYE WANT and BRIGHT EYED can be used separately or in combination with each other for maximum effect. All Beautisol products can be purchased online at and at selected retailers around the country.

About Beautisol
Beautisol is the trusted leader in sun care, providing innovative alternatives and treatments for the sun. The brand was founded and formulated by aesthetician and celebrity beauty expert Sinead Norenius who is committed to educating consumers about beauty while providing them with easy-to-use products. Beautisol offers self-tanners, exfoliators, anti-aging products and accessories as well as the first self-tanner designed specifically for the face based on skin type and condition. All self-tanning products use Beautisol’s innovative Pure Scent fragrance technology. All products are PETA certified and are free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laurel and laureth sulfate. For more information visit

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