Who's Talking: Sinead in the News

June 2011

BetterFly Blog - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

How to Fake n' Bake, Without Looking Like It

Self Tanning Queen, Sinead Norenius, gives us tips on how to get that summer glow without subjecting yourself to dangerous UV rays.

June 2011

Beautylish - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Easy Steps For a Flawless Self-Tan

We chat with Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol and, on her tips for a flawless self-tan at home.

June 2011

Good Housekeeping - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Self-Tan Like a Pro

Self-tanning expert Sinead Norenius advises on how to achieve a no-mess, no-fuss faux glow. Her handy tips and tricks include everything from how to exfoliate, to how to keep your hair from turning brown, to how to get those hard-to-reach spots.

May 2011

Bella Sugar - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

5 Things You Need to Know About Applying and Maintaining Your Sunless Tan

As the founder of Beautisol, Sinead Norenius shares a few tips on getting the most out of your self-tanning applications, but with her wealth of knowledge on the subject, there's still plenty more to share.

May 2011

Beauty High - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Self Tanning Tips From Beautisol's Sinead Norenius

Check out Sinead Norenius', founder of Beautisol, tips for flawless self-tanning application.

May 2011

Hollywood Life - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Watch Our Sunless Tanning A-Z Video Guide!

Sinead Norenius, founder of the Beautisol self tanning line and Editor-in-Chief of, explains how to prep for a sunless tan, how to buy and apply sunless tanner, and how to make your fake tan last!

May 2011

Always New You - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

The Top 4 Celebrity Beauty Tips From Professionals

Sinead Norenius - 15 Year Beauty Industry Expert - Licensed Aesthetician, Skin Care Educator, Celebrity Spray Tan Artist and Editor-in-Chief of and founder of provides her favorite celebrity beauty tips.

May 2011

New Beauty Magazine Summer 2011 - Beautisol

3 Ways to Avoid Self-Tanner Streaks and Blotches

Self-tanning expert Sinead Norenius gives her advice on preventing tanning mishaps.

May 2011

Beauty Brief - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Spray Tan Secrets

Guest writer Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol and shares her spray tan secrets!

April 2011

Houston Family Magazine - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Picture Perfect Prom Tips

The article features Sinead Norenius' beauty and skincare tips for the days leading up to prom.

April 2011

Total Beauty - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

9 Best (and Worst!) Foods for Healthy Skin

Sinead Norenius gives tips on foods and ingredients in order to get youthful, flawless and healthy skin. It might be time to edit your grocery list and embark on a healthy skin diet.

April 2011

The Rose Sheet - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Beautisol engineers new facial tanners to benefit specific skin types

Sinead Norenius talks about the new formulations, creation of Beautisol as a brand, Sinead as an expert and self tanning blogger, as well as iFabbo.

March 2011

Happi - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Going Beyond the Tan

Tanning expert Sinead Norenius discusses recent sunless tanning improvements and developments.

March 2011

Kitten Lounge - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Mingling Mondays: Meet Sinead Norenius (Founder of Beautisol and iFABBO)

Kimmie Smith talks about Sinead and her upcoming appearance on HSN when she launches Beautisol's Need I Glow More Self Tanner for Face for Normal to Oily Skin. It is the first-ever skin type specific face self tanner on the market and will launch on HSN April 19th.

March 2011

bellasugar - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Self-Tanner For You

It's self-tanner time. The problem, though, is the actual process of selecting the right product to get the job done, and that's why esthetician Sinead Norenius (and founder of Beautisol, a new self-tanning line) is here to help. And she has a few tips on how we can get the perfect shade at home.

March 2011

Access Hollywood's Access Glam Slam - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Glam Slam: Avoid Tanorexia

Esthetician and celebrity spray tan artist Sinead Norenius, who has worked with Natasha Bedingfield and Bethenny Frankel and is the editor and chief of (love the name!), is here with tips on how to get a natural glow and combat tanorexia.

March 2011

Beauty News - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

In the Hot Seat With Self Tanning Queen and Beautisol Developer Sinead Norenius

Want to know about tips on self-tanning? What are the three things women need to know/do? Check it out!

March 2011

Birchbox - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Self Tanners: A Cheat Sheet

Birchbox turned to Sinead Norenius, founder of the and Beautisol, for tips on getting the perfect sunless tan.

February 2011

Teen Vouge - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Countdown to Prom: Foolproof Sunless Tanning

What other option is there for getting a natural-looking, just-back-from-the-beach glow? Beautisol, a sunless tanning line, aims to solve just that problem with its unique formula and foolproof guide on how to self-tan.

February 2011

She Knows - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Freshen Up For Spring

Spring will be here before you know it. Get ready for a new season with some expert beauty tips from Sinead Norenius, licensed esthetician and founder and formulator of Beautisol. She shares her tips on how to spring clean your body from head to toe.

February 2011

Happi - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Zero to 90mph Via Social Media

Beautisol's Sinead Norenius shares how online presence improved her business.

February 2011

Real Beauty  - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Beauty Fail, Beauty Score: Winter Bronzer

No one wants to look pale and sickly until spring, but if the alternative is having a splotchy, way too bronzed complexion then perhaps the former isn't too terrible. Here, we show you which celeb pulls off a healthy winter glow and who looks like the bad side of an orange. Plus, get expert tips from Sinead Norenius to learn how to get a faux tan without looking like you're faking it to begin with.

January 2011

GMA Health - Good Morning America Health - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Sinead on Good Morning America Health

Winter skin care and how to keep your skin glowing all year long.

January 2011

Hollywood Life - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Our Self-Tanning Expert Shows You How To Get A Safe Red Carpet Glow This Winter!

Beauty how-to video shows Sinead's insider tips on exactly how to apply the product and then how to protect your new tan from streaks AND from staining your clothes! Check it out!

January 2011

Beauty High - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

How Can I Make My Spray Tan Last?

Skin care expert Sinead Norenius gives insider tips on how to make your tan last longer!

January 2011

News10 ABC - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Winter Skin Care

Skin care expert Sinead Norenius provides season friendly skin care tips that both men and women can use.

December 2010

CBS LA - CBS Los Angeles - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Ways to Stay Moisturized, Combat Dry Winter Skin

Beautisol founder and aesthetician Sinead Norenius visits the KCAL9 set to offer tips on how to combat dry winter skin.

December 2010

eHealth Radio - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Sunscreen Should Be Used in Winter Months

Sinead Norenius discusses taking care of skin during the winter months, the need to use sunscreen during the winter and more.

November 2010

The Boston Globe - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Keep The Holidays Classy

Self-tanning expert Sinead Norenius answers a question about being bronzed and beautiful. She recommends to self-tan once every three to four days or so. This will give a light application and a warmth that isn't too overdone.

November 2010 - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Beauty Is as Beauty Does

Who said slow and steady wins the race? This is not the case for Sinead Norenius of Beautisol. Sinead is featured for her honest and open approach to Beautisol.

May 2010

Healthy Aging - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

How To Apply Sunless Tanner

Sinead gives her take on educating consumer about sunless tanner.

April 2010

7X7 San Francisco - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

A Perfect Glow Job: Tips from San Francisco's Self-Tanning Queen

Sinead talks about how to achieve the perfect tan with at-home self-tanners.

April 2010

Practical Fashionista - Sinead Norenius - Beautisol

Savvy Self Tanning

Sinead as the self-tanning expert talks about the tips and tricks about being savvy at self tanning.

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