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Tea in Tanning Products

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When you see that rich color spreading out of a tea bag and into your cup of water, it is easy to understand why tea is valued for its coloring abilities. The DIY home tanner will typically use a tea tan to get a lovely, warm, natural skin tint. Even the top self tanner products now use tea as an ingredient for its natural coloration as well as health giving antioxidant properties.   

Tea as a colorant

 Tea’s natural coloring properties have long been known to people – a decoction of strong black tea will help tint the hair naturally. It will do the same for skin, giving a light, even hue to darken skin color. Typically you will need to use several tea bags: pour boiling water over them and cover to let steep for a time before applying to get that tea tan. The tea tint is more or less gone the next day.
The fact that tea has natural properties that help prevent oxidative damage to skin and also work as a mild anti-inflammatory agent is just a plus.  If you choose to make the decoction at home you will of course need several applications. It can be a rather time consuming and messy proposition; so this DIY method may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Tea in self tanners

Since the tea tan is so desirable, some of the top self tanner manufacturers have undertaken extensive R&D to harness the natural coloring agents contained in tea as well as its natural health giving properties to create safe and natural self tan products.
Self tanners and bronzers now use tea extracts to create products that have several benefits:

  • The tea tan offers an instant bronze glow to the skin for that healthy sun kissed look
  • It washes off easily so it’s no major commitment
  • It hides skin blemishes and imperfections, evening out skin tone
  • Its active ingredients help moisturize the skin even as it colors
  • Self tanning products that contain tea are safe even for skins that are allergic to DHAs (the principal ingredient in other self tanning products)
  • Ingredients such as Rooibos and Green Tea extracts have powerful natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties
  • Natural antioxidants contained in tea have anti-aging properties, yet another benefit of a tea tanning product

The tea tan is a terrific option for anyone with sensitive skin and for those who prefer to use natural products – reason enough for the top self tanner manufacturers to use tea ingredients in their products.  

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