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The Benefits of Sunless Tanning Products

You probably covet that bronzed beach god/goddess look, but if you are at all aware of the many possible consequences of exposure to UV radiation, you know that sunless tanning products are some of the safest options around. Let’s look at the many benefits of sunless tanners:

  1. Any one of us who ever fell asleep in the sun or was unwise about using sun block knows how very painful (to say nothing of now unattractive) sun burn is. Quite simply, sunless tanning products help you avoid painful and disfiguring sunburn.

  2. Studies have proved the link between UV radiation and skin cancer. We know that the risk of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma increases due to excess sun exposure.

  3. The dangers of tanning beds are also well known. The US Public Health Service cautions that the use of sun lamps and sun beds is a known carcinogen. Using a tanning bed frequently is known to triple the risk of melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

  4. It may be argued that the risk of actually developing skin cancer is small and that most cases are treatable. However, it is inarguable that sun exposure causes premature aging of skin. Sunless tanners help you avoid this premature wrinkling and aging of your skin.

  5. And what about those pesky tan lines that you have to deal with after a trip to the beach? Tan lines can be so unattractive! But this problem is also eliminated when you a self tanning product at your leisure in the privacy of your home.

  6. Some of us tolerate our freckles; some of us hate them! Love them or hate them, we know that it is sun exposure that triggers them. With sunless tanning products, you can help make those freckles appear less obvious.

  7. For some of us, it is quite simply impossible to get a natural tan. Sunless tanners are literally the only option.

  8. Consider the convenience of using a self tanning product – a matter of some minutes versus spending hours in the sun or on a sub bed and then waiting some more while the tan ‘develops’.

  9. Using products for a sunless tan is a useful way to cover up the blemishes. Uneven skin tone, scars and even those spider veins are effortlessly hidden from sight.

  10. Another benefit of sunless tanning products is that they allow you to go au naturale. Skip the foundation and the blush and let your smooth, beautifully bronzed skin shine through!
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