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The Best and Worst Celebrity Tans

Those gorgeous celeb faces that stare at us out of billboards, magazine covers, websites and the TV screen have plenty of reasons for looking that good: tips and tricks of the trade, personal stylists and other resources, the best self tanners and let’s face it; great genes.

Some of them use the best self tanner around, with gorgeous results; others not so much. Even our celebs sometimes tend to get things wrong. So who gets it right and who doesn’t?

The Best Celebrity Tans

Some celebs seem to do it effortlessly and with great results. Perhaps their original skin tone helps create that perfect tint or perhaps they use the best self tanners to match their skin type and tone.

  • Witness the perfect bronze sheen that Jennifer Lopez seems always to sport. Sure her original skin tone helps, but we do know that she takes a little help from her friendly neighborhood bronzer
  • Eve Longoria also got a lot of help from the genetics department, but her skin always looks freshly sun kissed and super glossy
  • Kate Hudson’s naturally light skin seems perfectly augmented with the right self tanner: smooth, glowing and flawless
  • Katy Perry has the pale skin act down pat – most of the time. But when she does appear tan, she seems to pick the best self tanners.
  • Blake Lively seems to get that sun kissed look right most of the time too.
  • And then there is Megan Fox – the jury seems out on whether she looks better with or without her tan.

The Worst Celebrity Tans

  • Valentino is a repeat offender when it comes to using the tan bed, beach or whichever fake tan product he uses. He goes all the way over into a different ethnicity with that peculiar skin color.
  • Victorian Beckham may be a style icon in 3 continents, but some of those orange looking results she has sported over time, have been a definite no-no!
  • And then there’s Christina Aguilera – she obviously hasn’t found the best self tanner yet which explains that permanently over the top tan
  • Jessica Simpson is someone else who should give that tanned look a wide berth: another orange skin offender!
  • Lindsay Lohan rarely gets it right; evidently what she uses is not best tanner for her. In fact she still seems to be figuring it out as she launches her own line of what she hopes will be the best self tanners for her.
Jessica Simpson's tan
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