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The Skinny on the Benefits of Tan Skin

Self tanning lotion has many benefits apart from making pasty skin look better. Did you know, a tanning cream can also effortlessly and instantly take the pounds off you? So now you know how those stunning models wearing those itsy bitsy bikinis always seem to have acres of luscious bronzed skin on show!

The visual illusion of darker colors

There are some very real reasons why self tanning lotion helps you look thinner. Remember those optical illusions where a black drawing looks smaller than a white drawing even when both are of the same size and dimensions?  Psychological testing has demonstrated that objects having darker colors are perceived as smaller by the human eye.

Notice how white color on the walls will help a room look larger: not only will the light bounce of a lighter color, less dense colors help create the illusion of space and size.

Another example is the old favorite – LBD (Long Black Dress). One of the main reasons that the little black dress is the favorite of every closet and a regular on every international catwalk is that it is very slimming. And then there are the skinny jeans – always best in black or a dark blue.

Not only does the darker fabric make a person look smaller, it also helps hide the unseemly bumps and bulges that lighter colors would show up clearly. Tanning cream works on more or less the same principle.

Why a self tanning lotion can make you appear slimmer

Tanned skin not only looks healthier than pale or pasty skin, it also has more definition. But, with sun exposure and tanning beds getting such a bad rep in recent times, it is bronzers and self tanning products have emerged as a safe and effective way to create that tanned look.

Makeup artists recommend the use of a tanning cream or a bronzer to create that sculpted look for the belly, the arms and legs. Sunless tanning products can also be artfully applied to create contours and give the illusion of muscle tone – witness how they can help create that flat belly six pack look with the clever use of a tanner.

Self tanning lotions also work well even for darker skins for Latino or Hispanic individuals. They help create the illusion of slimming with the darker skin tone and they also add definition and muscle tone.  The added advantage is that they help even out the skin tone and hide blemishes and uneven pigmentation.
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