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Self-tanning got you frustrated? Want to get the most out of your anti-aging products? Here are some tips and tricks to make your experience nothing short of effortless. Check out:

Anti Aging - Beautisol - Product Tips Self Tanning - Beautisol - Product Tips
Know the product you have - Beautisol Anti-Aging Rules To Live By Before Self-Tanning Tips After Self-Tanning Tips Additional Self-Tanning Tips from Our Experts
Know the product you have - Beautisol

Test Patch

Whenever you start using a new skin care product, especially around the eyes, always do a test patch first. Wait 24 hours to see if you have any kind of reaction and continue to use as directed.


Use your ring finger to apply products to the eye area. Using this finger allow for a more gentle pressure and lighter touch to delicate eye area. Also apply the product circularly moving from the outside corner of the eye inwards.

Get the Full Face-Lift Effect

The three-piece, TOTAL FACE SUPPORT BEAUTIKIT (EYE WANT, BRIGHT EYED AND 99% PURE PEPTIDE RESCUE SERUM) is designed as combination therapy as each product targets the various problem areas in different and unique ways for the most effective lifting result. Used together, this trio of products will help give your face all the support it needs!

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Beautisol’s™ anti-aging products contain some of the most powerful active ingredients on the market today. This means a small amount of product goes a long way. Half a pump to a full pump of each product should be sufficient – no need to waste it!

Firm Your Skin’s Underlying Structure

Make sure you also apply the 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum into your hairline, onto the neck area and behind the ears. This works to combat sagging and after a couple months of use it will help firm some of the underlying structures of the skin such as the collagen and elastin thus making the skin look more tight, supple and youthful.

Always Apply the Products to Freshly Cleansed Skin

It is important to apply any anti-aging products to clean skin that is free of any makeup or debris. Your skin is most absorbent right after a shower or immediately after washing your face, and is the best time to apply the products.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize!

Moisturizing and protecting your skin should be a vital part of everyone’s beauty routine! Our anti-aging products are designed to be used before your regular moisturizers and sunscreens.

Avoid Contamination

You always want to start with clean hands before applying any of our products to your face or body. This will help avoid contamination of the active ingredients in products before they are absorbed into the skin.

Anti-Aging Rules To Live By

It’s Never Too Early for Prevention

Preventing sun damage is the best way to combat aging! With good habits and cutting edge skin care / sun care products starting at an early age, you can significantly slow down the skin aging process and prevent sun damage from occurring in the first place.

Drink Lots of Water

Good skin starts from the inside out! Keeping your body hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Doctors recommend eight glasses a day - we say that’s a minimum!

Don’t Forget Your Beauty Sleep

During sleep, your skin is working overtime to repair and regenerate from daily stresses and pollutants. It’s true; your skin’s cells are rebuilt and replaced with new ones while you are peacefully dreaming. So don’t miss an hour of sleep that you don’t have to; make time for relaxation.

Tanorexic? Try Self-Tanning!

Are you are addicted to maintaining a beautiful tan summer glow, but don’t want to destroy your skin with UV rays? You don’t have to. Try Beautisol’s line of luxurious self-tanners and treat your skin right.

Foods to Keep You Young

Make sure your diet is rich in foods packed full of anti-aging properties. Try adding tumeric to your cooking! Tumeric has been widely recognized for its anti-aging properties and tastes great on popcorn, stir-fry, or in spaghetti. Indulge on foods rich in antioxidants like berries, olive oil, and pomegranates. Antioxidants clean up free radicals in your body, helping you look and feel more healthy and youthful.

Before Self-Tanning Tips

Test Patch

Do a test patch 24-48 hours in advance. In some rare occasions, some people may be sensitive to DHA (the active ingredient in self-tanners) or possibly other ingredients in the product.


Wax 24 hours in advance / Shave 12 hours in advance. It is not a steadfast rule, but the idea is that you do not want to apply self-tanner to sensitive or irritated skin.

Avoid Deodorant, Perfume or Essential Oils

Avoid deodorant, perfume or essential oils when applying your self-tanner. These ingredients and products can interfere with the self-tanner and affect your desired results.


Exfoliate before you tan with either Go Slough Yourself or our exfoliating gloves. Removing dead skin cells will help prevent splotching and uneven coloration.

Moisturize Dry Areas

Apply a light moisturizer to extremely dry areas, such as the elbows, knees and the heels, if needed. This will help slow down the absorption of the self-tanner in these areas and prevent them from getting too dark.

Use Disposable Gloves

Use tight fitting disposable gloves or wash your hands between applications of the product to each section of the body. Doing so will help you avoid tanning your palms.

Tan at Night

Tan at night while you sleep! Tanning at night is less disruptive and will not affect your clothing choices or daily routine the next day.

After Self-Tanning Tips

Wear Dark, Loose Fitting Clothing

Avoid wearing tight jeans, socks, leggings, cashmere, light colored suede, silk or any other dry clean only fabric while your self-tan is developing (about 8 hours). If you do choose to self-tan in the morning, wear dark, loose fitting clothing.

Avoid Water

Do not shower, bathe, swim or sweat for at least 6-8 hours after you apply the product, as the water will stop the tan from developing. The longer you allow the product to stay dry and develop, the darker the tan tends to be.

Exfoliate 3–4 Days After

Gently exfoliate about 3 to 4 days after you last applied the self-tanner. Exfoliating away dead skin cells will help the tan fade evenly.


If a bit of the guide color comes off on your sheets or clothes, don't worry, it will not stain. We suggest using OxiClean in the laundry to ensure the guide color comes out completely and your whites stay bright.

Pat Dry

When you shower the next morning after application, it is normal to see the guide color rinse off. You tan will have developed on your skin. Remember to pat your skin dry – do not rub – to avoid the tan coming off prematurely.

Additional Self-Tanning Tips From Our Experts

Buff If Needed!

An easy way to soften or slow down the absorption of self-tanner on areas that tend to grab a lot of product such as the elbows, knees and heels is to use a dry wash cloth to gently buff these areas after application. It will pick up some of the excess self-tanner and prevent them from getting too dark.

Keep Your Q-Tips Close

Ever notice that areas like sunspots, melasma or old acne scars tend to get darker and more noticeable when you’ve slathered on self-tanner? Well, there is an easy solution! Once you apply self-tanner to the area, take a slightly damp Q-Tip and gently wipe off the self-tanner from the areas where the dark spots are most prevalent. This will minimize the chance of the area getting darker and create a more even tone to the skin.

Maxi Pad Protectors!

Don’t think we have gone crazy here at Beautisol™, but thin panty liners make great underarm protectors for light colored / dry clean only shirts or blazers. If you tend to sweat a lot in the middle of a sweltering summer, cut panty liners (Carefree or Maxi Pad) and attach them into the inside of your shirt in the armpit area. It’s an easy way to prevent darker sweat spots and a great way to save on dry-cleaning costs!

Want to get rid of your tan and start over?

There are times when you need to just start over with your tan. Nothing is worse that old self-tanner that has exfoliated off in one area, but is dark in another. That's when it’s time to sit in a bath and just soak it off. Light some candles, add bubble bath, and relax. After about 20 minutes, take your exfoliating gloves and Go Slough Yourself and scrub away. Your tan will remove easily and you have a fresh slate for the next application!

Avoid long extended hours in the pool if you want your tan to last

As we stated above, submerging yourself in water for long periods of time can aid in removal of your tan. This is especially true for chlorinated water such as pools or Jacuzzis. Chlorine will bleach, so it will lighten your self-tan prematurely. We suggest diving in, cooling off, patting dry and then showing off your tan again. Repeat if necessary!

Got a really stubborn self-tan area that is way too dark?

While in the shower or bath, take the finer side of your foot file and very gently rub it over the areas that you are trying to lighten such as your ankles or heels. Please note * ONLY USE THE FINE SIDE OF THE FILE AND DO NOT SCRUB TOO HARD!

Dark, Loose-Fitting PJs

If tanning at night, we suggest wearing dark, loose-fitting pajamas to help protect the bed sheets by preventing the guide color from rubbing off directly on to the sheets. This prolongs the need to change the bed sheets so often!

Want Tan Lines?

There are some people who want the appearance of tan lines when using self-tanner, If so, you can use sticky tape to outline the area where your bikini bottoms would sit. Apply your self-tanner as normal and then remove the sticky tape after your application. You are also able to buff the “tan lines” so your line of demarcation is not so harsh and looks more natural. You can also apply your self-tanner while wearing a black bikini or black one piece to create the illusion of real tan lines!

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