FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Beautisol's® self-tanners unique?

A. Our self-tanners contain Pure Scent odor eliminating fragrance technology which encapsulates the unpleasant processing odor by 70-80%. Our products are also easy to apply due to the instant bronzer / guide color and our detailed online “How-To” videos. Our proprietary tanning formula eliminates the orange color associated with many typical self-tanning lotions so you get a natural, healthy glowing tan!

Q. Do Beautisol's® products contain parabens or any other known toxic ingredients?

A. No. Beautisol® products do not contain parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laureth, lauryl sulfate. You can be assured that our products are of high quality and ingredients!

Q. Do you test your products on animals?

A. No, we do not test our products on animals. We are PETA certified.

What’s different about Beautisol's® scent?

A. We’ve utilized a cutting-edge odor eliminating fragrance technology, called Pure Scent, to neutralize the processing smell and unpleasant odor typically associated with self-tanners, while also developing a luxurious floral scent to accent the product.

Q. How long will my tan last?

A. Results may vary and you can typically expect your tan to last four to nine days. This depends on how quickly your body naturally sheds its skin cells. To prolong your tan, we recommend moisturizing daily, showering in medium/ warm water (rather than super hot), and pat dry after bathing or showering. Avoid rubbing your skin dry with your towel as this can remove your tan prematurely.

Q. Will Beautisol's® self-tanners help cover scars and other skin imperfections?

A. Yes, our self-tanners can help camouflage most scars and minimize the appearance of various skin imperfections such as stretch marks and cellulite. We recommend spending more time on those particular areas, layering the product with multiple applications if necessary. Self-tanner can make hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) darker so we recommend using a dry q-tip to remove excess product from these areas.

Q. Will my tan be uneven and blotchy?

A. No, as long as you follow our pre-tanning and lotion application instructions. We recommend exfoliating prior to applying your self-tanner and applying a light lotion to drier areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, toenails, and fingernails. While applying your self-tanner, you can take a dry cloth and buff out areas that appear slightly darker.

Q. Are your products OK for sensitive skin?

A. Yes, however if you have a known allergy, we recommend that you read through the list of ingredients before using a new product for the first time. We also recommend doing a test patch on your forearm or inner thigh when ever trying new products.

Q. Why should I choose Beautisol® for my sunless tanning needs?

A. At Beautisol®, we have worked hard to create products that reflect the needs of you, our customer. Our products offer the latest in self-tanning technology to ensure that you can safely maintain a gorgeous glow year-round. With an effortless application, Beautisol's® self-tanners give you a beautiful color with no awkward smell. All of our products are NON-TOXIC and are only made with the best ingredients. Finally, if you still aren’t satisfied, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!! Happy Glowing!

Q. Am I able to return my products if I'm not satisfied?

A. Yes. We offer a 30-day return guarantee on most products (professional line and accessories excluded). Simply contact us via phone or email at wecare@beautisol.com, and let us know you aren't satisfied. If you write us or leave a voice message, please be sure to include your name, email address and order number. We'll contact you and provide a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Simply return the remainder of the unused product back to us and we'll provide a full refund of the product cost. We do not refund any shipping costs. We'd also love to know what you did not like... We take our customer input seriously, and we are continually trying to improve our products.

Q. Is it safe to use a sunless tanner while pregnant?

A. Since DHA is a sugar derivative, it is safe to use during pregnancy. HOWEVER, we always recommend you consult your physician before using any product during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

Q. Will self-tanner change the color of my tattoo?

A. Not generally. On darker the ink colors such as black, gray or blue, you will not see any changes. On lighter ink colors such as yellow or red, you may see some slight darkening of the tattoo but the resulting color will fade as the tan fades. You can also use a dry wash cloth or Q-Tip to remove any excess self-tanning product from the tattooed area to lighten the tanning effect. Most people however, do not see any changes at all.

Q. Can I get a copy of the instructional inserts I got with my product?

Yes! Just visit our Downloadable Guides page for a printable pdf of your insert.

Q. Do I need to exfoliate before applying my self-tanner?

A. Yes. Whether you’re using All Seasons Glow or Summer Glow, we recommend exfoliating first. To achieve your desired color, you might want to layer the self-tanner: Apply, let the product process for six to eight hours, shower, then reapply. You only need to exfoliate before your first application and then every 3-5 days to help the tan fade more evenly.

Q. How much should I rub the self-tanner in during the application process?

A. We recommend that you use gloves and the palms of your hands when applying the product. It’s important to blend the lotion into your skin, making sure you’re covering every area and that there is no excess guide color on the skin. Be careful not to rub the product too much – this might result in the self-tanner molting and the guide color peeling off. If this happens, just grab a small, dark, dry towel and gently buff the area to even it out.

Q. After my tan has processed and I have showered off the guide color, is there anything I can do to help maintain my sunless tan?

A. Yes - we recommend using a light body moisturizer daily, especially after showering or bathing to lock-in your color. Please Note: Your moisturizer should not contain AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids) or BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids). Both work as skin exfoliants, which can accelerate the cell turn over of your skin thus lightening your tan prematurely.

Q. Can I go swimming or work out right after I apply a self-tanner?

A. No. It is recommended that you wait 6 – 8 hours before showering, swimming, or working out after your self-tan application. The product needs time to develop and water or perspiration will hinder that process and could lead to streaking.

Q. If I swim in a chlorinated pool, will my sunless tan go away?

A. Chlorine is bleach, so it will lighten your tan prematurely, especially if you are in chlorinated water for an extended period of time. It is recommended that you pat your skin dry with your towel – do not rub your skin vigorously - just as suggested above after showering.

Q. Will self-tanner stain my clothing?

A. Typically not, but you do have to be careful, especially the first time you try our product! After you have applied the product, we suggest you wait 5 - 10 minutes to allow it to dry thoroughly. Assuming you apply the self-tanner at night, we strongly advise that you wear dark, loose-fitting clothing (or PJ's) as some guide color may rub off. After the self-tanner has processed on your skin (usually overnight), we recommend rinsing off in the shower. You should now be able to wear whatever you want to show off your gorgeous tan! HOWEVER, for the first time you tan and until you know how your body reacts to self-tanner and how fast it exfoliates off with your own skin cell turnover, we recommend wearing washable, dark, loose-fitting clothing. We do not recommend wearing synthetic, cashmere or dry clean only clothing while you self-tan. We also recommend the use of OxyClean in your laundry to remove any residual guide color. Please note that Beautisol® is not responsible for any staining or color changes to your clothing.

Q. Will the self-tanner protect my skin from sunburn?

A. NO! Please be aware that this is a faux glow and has absolutely no SPF rating. It is important to wear a sunscreen as recommended. Sunless tans in no way provide you with a “base” tan. If you burn easily in the sun, you will still burn easily while wearing self-tanner.

Q. What’s the difference between sunless tanners, self-tanners, and tanning extenders?

A. Sunless tanners and self-tanners are the same thing! Most all use the active ingredient DHA to achieve a natural tan color on the skin without UV radiation. Tan extenders tend to have ingredients that prolong the life of your tan (either sunless or UV tans) and commonly use ingredients such as tyrosine and various moisturizing ingredients.

Q. What are the advantages of self-tanning?

A. There are MANY advantages to self-tanning! Here’s our basic list: Healthy alternative to UV tanning and sun tanning. Does not damage your skin or cause premature aging. Instant tan without burning, peeling, or blistering. Convenient – you can even tan at night or on your own schedule. No appointment necessary! Cost effective compared to spray tans or UV tanning memberships. You look healthier, and let’s admit it, you feel skinnier, more toned and healthier!

Q. Do I have to be a certain age to use a self-tanner?

A. No, you can use self-tanner at any age as long as you can apply it! Sinead Norenius, “Self-Tanning Queen” and founder of Beautisol®, started self-tanning at age 13. As a high school cheerleader, Sinead was not fond of showing off her pasty white legs, and with her fair Irish skin, UV tanning was not an option. Fortunately, self-tanning was a healthy, natural alternative. With the growing rates of skin cancer, the more you can stay out of the sun and protect your skin from UV damage the better!

Q. Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to the product?

A. Yes, it is possible to be allergic to any ingredient in any product, including a self-tanner. The two most common allergic reactions people may have to self-tanner in particular tend to be from the DHA or the fragrance in the product. A test patch is always recommended 24 to 48 hours in advance when you use a new product.

Q. How often can I use the self-tanner?

A. Generally speaking, you can use the dark body self-tanner as often as every three to five days on an "as needed" basis. In other words, if after three to five days, you notice your tan fading, you can do a light body exfoliation and re-apply. Having said that, one application of the body self-tanner typically lasts from four to seven days, depending on your skin type. After your tan fades, exfoliate and re-apply just like the first time.

Q. My Mitt turned green, is this normal?

A. It is totally normal for your Mitt to turn green! This is caused by a reaction of the color correcting pigments in the self-tanner reacting to the sponge. It does not affect the outcome of the tan.

Q. How often do I need to wash my Mitt?

A. We recommend washing the Mitt every month or generally after 4-6 uses.

Q. How do I wash my Mitt?

A. Wash your Mitt using warm water and soap; letting the Mitt simply air dry afterwards.